Friday, May 29, 2009

New Kit, New Scripts, New Tutorial, and a Freebie

Hey folks! I'm baaaaaaack!

Took a few extra days to relax and now I'm back in full swing. I have finished up a brand new kit for you today and this one is a big one! Almost 500mb of goodies are packed inside this kit.

I also have three new PSP scripts for you, a sig tag tutorial and a new freebie.

At this time my scrap kits are only available in scrapper size and can only be purchased from my personal store here:

My PSP Scripts and Designer Elements will continue to be available in all of my stores. You can even pick them up at 30% off through June 2nd in these stores:


On to the goodies!!!

Hearts, flowers and lace with a hint of sparkle make "Femme Fatale" a
luscious feminine scrap kit. In hues of blue, wine, and green this one is filled with
romance. This kit is versatile enough to use for layouts for weddings, engagements,
Mother's Day, and any romantic theme.

Kit contains:
20 papers
2 Jeweled Bead Strings
3 Jeweled Binder Clips
8 Lace Borders
20 Lace and stain bows
3 Butterflies
3 Metal trimmed buttons
3 Antique Cameo
5 Corsets
5 Lace Fans
3 Feathers
14 Flowers
8 Folded Ribbons
18 Lace, Cardboard, and Floral Frames
9 Hearts
8 Satin Heart Ribbons
1 Ivy bunch
8 Lace Hearts
20 Lace and Satin Ribbons
3 Ribbon Frames
18 Roses
1 Rose Leaf
3 Sequin Ribbon Strings
4 Glittered Swirls
5 Cardboard Tags
3 Material Tag Word Art
6 Frame/Picture Wraps

New PSP Scripts!

This script one will make a lace round frame. 3600x3600 px and 300 dpi. Commercial use allowed.

This script pack includes four scripts that will make plastic shaped buttons with your favorite papers, gradients, or colors. You
also have the option of making two-tone buttons.

1 script that will make heart shaped buttons
1 script that will make circle shaped buttons
1 script that will make square shaped buttons
1 script that will make star shaped buttons

Scripts were tested in PSP 9 and up. Commercial use is allowed.

Eyecandy 4000 is needed for this script.

Free demo download of Eyecandy 4000is available here.

These scripts will make a pastic frame in the shapes of: circle, rectangle, square, and star. 2400x2400 px and 300 dpi. Commercial use allowed.

Eyecandy 3.1 for After Effects is needed for this script.

Free demo download of Eyecandy 3.1 for After Effects is available here.

A new sig tag tutorial for you today!

The kit uses the art of Suzanne Woolcott and my new scrap kit "Femme Fatale".
You can find the tutorial here:

And now here is your freebie for today!

A 3600x3600 px, 300 dpi layout made with the "Femme Fatale" kit.

You can download yours here.

Password is: THANKS

Hope you find something you like and can use!
Have a great weekend all!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lucky Taggers Kit

Hey folks,

Just stole a few minutes to check in on things and see that there is still a problem with the "Lucky" kit. I called home and had my son re-up it fresh from my cd so I hope this one works.

Link has now been removed.

Have a great weekend all!


Friday, May 22, 2009

Quick Note

I'm out of town until Monday evening visiting family. I did manage to grab my Aunt's computer long enough to check on messages and such. I really appreciate everyone's support and I'm flattered by all the sweet comments that have been left about the kits.

I do ask one more thing of you...please don't upload these kits and re-share them. If you would like to share them with groups and family send them to my blog and let them use the files that I uploaded for you. There were three links brought to my attention that were not working properly. I have fixed those. They were:
Land of the Free
Written in the Stars

You guys have a great weekend and drive safely if you are traveling!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some Changes Are Coming

Hey folks,

I'm going to be making some changes due to all of the piracy of my kits. I will no longer be offering "tagger" size kits in any of my stores and I am retiring a large group of kits that have been pirated. And since so many of you have them already illegally, I am going to give you the kits so that you are free to use them without problems. I do hope you enjoy them.

I will continue releasing new kits but they will only come in scrapper size. At the present time they will only be available in my store as it will take time to get them uploaded to my other stores. Also, you will notice that there is a price difference in what you have been paying for the tagger kits. This is due to the fact that it takes more of my time in uploading. I'm sorry about this for those of you that legally purchased your tagger items, but you can blame the group of pirates that are on the net.

If you would like to read more about the "pirates" you can read my personal blog. I have posted names of the pirates so you can all see who to blame :)

And now for the kits. I apologize that there are no previews but I just don't feel like posting them. Take what you want and have fun using them. All I ask is that you be copyright aware and at least give the tube artist the credit they deserve.

Free kit links have now been removed. Because so many were used in sig tag tutorials, I wanted to keep them available for now. You can still get any that you missed out on in my stores for discounted prices.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Kit Relase and a Freebie

I have a new release for you tonight. It's called Serenity Gardens.
It is a serene kit in hues of greens and browns with a touch of femininity.

Kit is available in both scrapper and tagger size.

It will be going into all of my stores this evening along with all other new kits.

Kit includes:
12 Papers
3 Beaded Hearts
3 Bows
4 Bracket Papers
2 Butterflies
1 Dragonfly
3 Felt Hearts
3 Flowers
5 Frames
2 Heart Buttons
4 Ribbons
8 Frame/Picture Wraps

Freebie Alert!

This layout is 3600x3600 pixels and 300 dpi and made from the Serenity Gardens kit. It is for Personal Use Only.
You can download yours here.

Password is: THANKS

Don't forget about $1.00 Fridays over at Scraps With Attitude tomorrow.
You can pick up some great deals there. I've added several older kits to the $1.00 bin for tomorrow. Better grab them while they are
Check it out!

Take me to Scraps With Attitude

Have a great evening all!

New Kit and Several New Tutorials

Hey folks,

It's been a while since I have posted, but real life has really taken over.

As most of you know my 25-year-old son went in the hospital last week for colon cancer surgery. The surgery went very, very good. He spent three days in the ICU and then they kicked him out to the surgical floor because he was doing so well. They discharged him late Monday evening to come home. He's sore, which is expected since they cut him from his navel down, but he feels 100% better than before the surgery. We get the biopsy results Friday when he goes back to the doctor and I guess I will keep holding my breath until then.

I've piddled and got a few things made, but have spent most of my time since Saturday on the couch with a cold. Mom jumped my case and told me that the stress and no sleep were catching me and being at the hospital topped it all off. Seems people with Lupus AREN'T supposed to be pulling what I have over the last few So I guess I need to slow down and be better to myself so she will quit reminding me that I can't take care of the kids if I don't take care of me. I have managed to relax the last few days and even got the first two books of the Twilight series read between my sniffles and coughs.

I have one kit ready for you tonight and several new tutorials. I kinda got hung up on the tutorials because I couldn't really set at the puter for long periods of time.

One of the tutorials is done using a FTU kit of mine, so be sure to check them out.
I also updated my sig tag site into categories, so hopefully it will be easier for you to find the type of tutorials you want to do.

Rescue Me

A Tribute kit to our heroes who work in the Fire Department.

Kit Includes:
15 Papers
2 Badges
5 Barrier Tapes
7 Bows
4 Buttons
9 Fire Equipment
4 Flowers
7 Frames
1 House on fire
1 Matches
2 Frame/Picture Wraps

Kit is available exclusively at my store at this time in both scrapper and tagger size:

And now for the tutorials:

Divalicious Fairy
Art of Elias Chatzoudis
Scrap kit: Divalicious

Dreams of Your Smile
Art of Suzanne Woolcott
Scrap Kit: Summer Romance

Sexy is What Sexy Does
Art of Keith Garvey
Scrap Kit: Go Red For Women

Light My Fire
Art of Scott Blair
Scrap kit: Rescue Me

Art of Bam Bam
Scrap Kit: Girl Power

No Crying In Baseball
Art of Keith Garvey
Scrap Kit: Batter Up Freebie


Password is: THANKS

Hope you enjoy the tutorials and the new kit. Now that I am feeling better and my youngin' is home I will finish up the other kits I am working on. Hopefully, some more goodies coming tomorrow!

Good night!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Freebie for all

Hey folks,

It's late but I can't sleep tonight. A bad case of nerves over my son's surgery tomorrow and shear aggravation because two ignorant pirates decided it was okay to share my kits again today. I see a vent post on my soap box coming later tonight so check it

Just wanted to let everyone know that Freddy's surgery is scheduled for first thing tomorrow morning. The plan is to remove his entire colon and build a bag to replace the colon with his small intestine. This bag will not be attached tomorrow. He will have to wear the outside colostomy bag for the next three months to make sure he doesn't set up any infection from the surgery. They will then do a second surgery sometime in August to attach the inside bag made from his small intestine.

Hopefully this will take care of most of his problems with the exception of his liver. They said that the liver condition will continue to progress even with the colon being gone. But getting him off the immuno-suppressing meds, blood thinners, and the tons of other meds for the colon will be a welcome relief.

I think my biggest fear is that they will open him up, find the cancer has spread, and just sew him up and send him home. My family has horrible luck with cancer. My Dad died at the age of 48 with it and I've watched as my grandparents, aunts and uncles have all died from it since. The doctors have all told us it is a hereditary form that runs in our family. From all the research that I have done, I tend to believe them.

Anyway, I wanted to post another freebie for you from my new kit "Girl Power" before I end up at the hospital for who knows how long. Thank God I have my daughter here to look out for my other boys because I won't leave the hospital until I know Freddy will be okay.

I made a quick tag with the freebie frame. Please keep in mind that all of the elements in the tag are NOT in the freebie. Only what is pictured below is included in the freebie.

The kit is available exclusively in my store:

Here is the freebie:

It's available in scrapper and tagger size. Scrapper is approximately 3100x2700 pixels and the Tagger size is approximately 800x700 pixels.

Link Has Expired.


Monday, May 4, 2009

New Kit, New Tutorial, and a Freebie

Hey folks,

I did finally got some time to work on a kit for myself. All the freebies and collabs were taking up all of my design time I was managing to get. This will probably be all from me this week as far as something new. My son goes in the hospital Wednesday and will have surgery on Thursday. Please keep him in your prayers that all goes well and that the cancer is confined to only his colon.

On to the goodies since I know that is what you came I have a new kit, a new sig tag tutorial and a freebie for you tonight.

Girl Power is a bright colorful girly girl kit. Kit is full of ribbons, bows, hearts, stars and all things girly.
Includes 18 textured papers and a 75 piece alpha.
Kit is available in tagger and scrapper size exclusively at my blog store.

Kit includes:
18 Papers
12 Bows
8 Buttons
1 Binder Clip
3 Crystal Bead Dragonflies
8 Eyelet Ribbons
6 Flowers
9 Frames
4 Hearts
4 Heart Papers
4 IPOD's
3 Ladybugs
4 Marker Pens
3 Notebook Papers
4 Paper Clips
12 Ribbons
4 Ribbon Hearts
4 Sequin Ribbons
4 Star Papers
4 Sunglasses
6 Tags
3 Tickets

New Tutorial "Girl Power"

This tutorial uses the art of Jamie Kidd and my new "Girl Power" scrap kit.

You can find the tutorial on my tut site here:

The freebie tonight is a layout made using my new "Girl Power" kit. It is
36000x3600 px and 300 dpi. You can download yours here.

Password is: THANKS

Have a great night all!


Saturday, May 2, 2009

NSD Sale, Free Kit Offer, Tutorial and a Freebie

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!!!!

I couldn't let the day pass without offering up a freebie and a chance for you to get a FREE scrap kit. I also have a new sig tag tutorial for you today.

Sale runs from May 2nd to May 5th in the following stores:

With the purchase of any item from these stores during the sale period you can also receive the following scrap kit for free! To receive your kit forward your receipt to
queenbratdesigns3 (at)

Also, please state in your email if you want tagger or scrapper size. Links will be mailed to you so please use a working email address. Only purchases made during May 2-5th qualify.

The kit you will receive is called Serenity Gardens. This kit has not been sold anywhere and is only available for this promotion at this time.

Here is a new sig tag tutorial for you to try out today. It uses the art of Elias Chatzoudis and my "Lil Miss Princess" scrap kit.

The tutorial is called "Touch Me" and you can find it here.

I've also got a little freebie for you today. This is a layout made using the
promo kit "Serenity Gardens".

Layout is 3600x3600 pixels and 300 dpi. You can snag yours here.

Password is: THANKS

Have a great weekend all!

Hope you find something at the sales that you can use!