Thursday, May 15, 2008


Ever had one of those weeks that you wish you could just wipe out of your life and do over? This past week has been one of them for me.

To start it off my 13-year-old son decided to not listen to Mom and hopped on an ATV with two of his buddies and go for a little ride. In this area it's nothing to see people riding ATV's everywhere. We have mountain trails around here that draw people from all over the world and people honestly use them to ride on the main roads in a lot of areas. But, being an overly protective mom, my rules are no ATV's unless an adult is riding with you.

To make a long story short, the boys were ran off the road by a drunk driver. They hit a chain link fence and flipped the ATV. Of course the drunk driver didn't bother to stop and see if they were hurt, but the state police tracked him down and locked him up.

The boys were taken to the hospital very lucky to even be alive considering none of them bothered to put a helmet on. My son was the luckiest of the three. He had a dislocated shoulder, fractured wrist, bruised ribs and sternum, and a gash to the head. The second boy had three broken ribs and a punctured lung and the third a ruptured kidney.

So, it's been a week of running to doctors for me to get his injuries taken care of.

Add to that Saturday morning I get a phone call from my daughter in Florida telling me that her and her man are having problems and she needs to barrow some money to stay in hotel for the night. So off I go trying to find some place that Western Union is working and send her money for a hotel room. Not a biggie for those in the city, but for us folks in the country we have limited places that deal with Western Took me a good two hours to get all that squared away. Things between them cooled down but I look for her to be moving back home anytime now.

So, I finally get the kids squared away and think I can spend this week getting my stuff in the digital stores, right? Just not in the cards. I see my doctor yesterday and find out that I'm going to have to have surgery within the next few weeks. She is determined that I need to get an umbilical hernia fixed before it gets worse. Okay, so yes it's giving me major pain but the thoughts of surgery just doesn't thrill me. And finding out how I got it is the best......just another part of motherhood according to the doc. Seems carrying my four monsters weakened and stretched the stomach muscle a little too much. I have put it off until after my sons graduation next week. Nothing and no one is going to make me miss seeing him walk across that stage!

But I'm determined to get my stuff up in the stores. In the mean time, you guys will get a sneak peak and be able to buy them at a discounted price. So watch for post throughout today and tomorrow. I have several brand new kits that will be going up for sale along with some free goodies. A few revamped kits will also be promoted.

Lots and lots of goodies are coming your way!


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utmommy23 said...

So sorry you had such a time! I'm glad to hear that your son and his friends will be ok. ((HUGS))