Friday, November 2, 2012

My Thanksgiving Templates/Scripts

I normally blow off the petty comments that people make about my designs, but this is one time that I will chime in to clarify all of the garbage that Jackie's Jewels and her buddies are posting in regard to my Thanksgiving templates.

I wanted to make a new Thanksgiving kit that included food for the season and only had my templates for a turkey and pie to work with. I saw what I thought were some usable templates posted by Jackie's Jewels that would have saved me a few days work if they had been quality templates. So instead of taking the time to make my own, I purchased her set so that I would have the other items that I would need.

When I opened these templates I must say I was more than shocked. They were tagger size so I knew they would be on the small size, but I never dreamed they would be so jagged edged and pixelated that they could not be used. Some of the templates also included layers that appear to be tubed from pictures and included as a layer in the template. I knew right then that not only could I NOT use them due to the poor quality but to use them I also stood the risk of copyright infringement do to the tubed picture layers.

The templates were discarded and I chalked up the loss of the money to being lazy and not making my own. I did not even considered asking for my money back until I was harassed and threatened by Jackie's Jewels and her buddies. And the truth of the matter is I waste more than $1.80 on a cup of coffee each

With that said I still wanted to make the kit so I set about making my own templates which I also turned into scripts so others could use them if they wanted. My turkey template was made while working on my pilgrims so I just enlarged it to make it big enough for an individual element and added both wings and legs so it would look "Normal". My pie template has been in my stores since the fall of 2011 so I revisited it and added some whipped creme to the top. The bowl for the potatoes was originally part of my indians so I simply enlarged it and dumped some potatoes into the bowl. For the gravy boat I barrowed the pattern from my Grandmother's china.

Now, I realize that these templates are similar in a few ways, but realistically how many different ways can a turkey be drawn? And gravy boats are pretty standard in looks. If you do a search for either you will find dozens of pictures that all look like the templates in question.

Also, I would like to note for those that may not know...a large picture/template can be reduced in size without losing quality and pixelating but a small picture/template CANNOT be enlarged without distorting and pixelating. With that in mind please look at the size of Jackie's Jewels' templates and my own. There is no possible way I could have used her templates and called them mine, nor would I.

Here is picture proof comparing the templates.

The stray pixels cover the entire template which lets me know that the template is derived from a poorly tubed picture.

The jagged edges go completely around the potatoes layer and the bowl has the feather set too deep.

The turkey feet are also a poorly tubed portion of a picture. There are both too deeply feathered portions and jagged edges and what appears to be a halo around them where they tubing was done improperly. As for the rest of the template layers...the edges are uneven and there are points and indentations instead of smooth lines.

The gravy boat has several areas jagged edges and too deeply feathered edges throughout the layers.

I will say this in closing, I've noticed several 'designers' who are setting in wait to stir trouble and label someone a pirate. If they spent half of their time perfecting their craft instead of stirring up trouble, they might have time to develop their craft into a profit. I work very hard on my templates, scripts, and kits to give you quality items that you can proudly work with and never would I pass off some poorly tubed pictures and jagged edged template layers as my own.

If you have comments, feel free to voice them. But I will assure you that ALL of my products are made by me and not copied, traced, or stolen from anyone's work.



JDD Designs said...

I don't think they look anything alike really. I'm sorry you are being called a "pirate"'s obviously unture as anyone comparing the 2 sets can clearly see the many differences.

Pink said...

The templates look nothing alike. And your right, how many different looks can a cooked turkey have? Same with a lot of elements, like acorns, oak leafs and pumpkins, only a matter of time before two people make copies of one another without even knowing. People throw labels around a little to quickly these days, with time that should be spent catching the real pirates and thieves. I to spend hour upon hour perfecting and smoothing edges something of an OCD level at But I always want people to feel they got a good item, something they can use over and over without having to do any repairs or fix ups, I want them to spend the time enjoying the hobby :) Your thanks giving items are fab hunni!