Saturday, January 16, 2010

Important Information

Morning folks,

I hate to have to rehash and old issue today, but in the past 48 hours I have seen two kits by other designers using my RECALLED bear scripts. You can read more about the recall here:

I have contacted both of these designers so that you will not be sold or given elements that you are not allowed to use. I also offered to replace their scripts with the legal scripts if they would provide me with their receipts. Sadly, I must do it this way because of all of the piracy of my scripts. So any of you who may have these illegal bear scripts, I will gladly replace them if you send me your receipts. For anyone that has obtained the scripts illegally, please be aware that they should not be used and most store owners are aware of this, so please delete them.

Also, for those that use my scripts and other designer elements, I have had to make a minor adjustment to my commercial usage TOU. Please download the new file as it applies to all new and previously purchased files.

Nothing major has changed. I have added the following to my TOU:

When creating kits using my elements, scripts, etc...these elements cannot make up more than 1/3 of your kit.

You may NOT use my textures, pattens, psptubes, or selections in making papers or other elements to sell or give away.

I was forced to add these items as one of the kits using the bears also contained papers made from my script patterns that were not even altered in any way, shape or form. She simply took my pattern and renamed it as her paper.

Her kit also contained 32 elements and of those 32 elements, 20 of these were made using my scripts. Now come on folks, I love the fact that you like my scripts, but add some originality to your kits :o) If most of the elements in the kit are technically made by me then you haven't really created anything.

There is one more thing that I would like to address. I do not ask for credits on your layouts, tags, kit descriptions, etc when you use my kits, scripts or other elements. I don't feel the need to have my copyright splashed across your beautiful designs. But I do ask that credit be given in your TOU when using my scripts and designer elements when making items for your kits. When making layouts or writing tutorials you can simply give me credit for the kit with a link back if allowed. Not too much to ask, right?

Questions and comments are welcome. Sorry to have to address this matter here, but hopefully it will stop the illegal use.

Have a great weekend all!


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