Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Fool's Day Sale!

Happy April Fool's Day!!!! And I'm gonna be the fool today.....lmao!

I've set my prices to criminally low prices today, so grab what you can before the prices return to normal on the 2nd.

Sale prices good at:


**Dollar days price is not valid at my blog store**

Sale prices good on April 1st, 2009 only!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Hippity Hop Blog Train

Okay, okay.....so I forgot what day it was.....lol. Yes, the Hippity Hop Blog Train left the station today and dingy here forgot to post my goodies. So I've got them up now for all you folks that have come looking for them.

Be sure to hang around and check out the other freebies and kits available on my blog.

Password to download is: ThankYou

Below are all the train stops for this train. Don't forget to leave some leave and remember we arent all on the same time zone. Train leaves the station on March 30th! Happy Scrappin'!!

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New Kit, New Tutorial and a LO Freebie

Hey folks,

I finally got the new kit finished and uploaded. I must say I am well pleased with the way this one turned out. I've done a couple of layouts with it and also made a tag, so it's versatile enough for both types of projects.

"Sex in the City" is a sexy and sparkled scrap kit full of everything WOMAN. Kit includes sequined corsets, fuzzy pink handcuffs, make-up and perfume, sequin high heels along with glittered kit standards of papers, bows, ribbons, and buttons. Kit also includes lace borders and frames and glittered word art and silhouettes. This one is a definite glammed up kit for the gals!

It is available only at my blog store at this time. Scrapper size and tagger size is available.

Grab your kit here:

Kit includes:
17 Papers
1 Jeweled Bead String
2 Boa
5 Lace Borders
11 Bows
8 Brads
12 Buttons
4 Glitter Cities
3 Sequin Corsets
5 Flowers
3 Lace Frames
5 Plastic Frames
5 Mat Frames
1 Fuzzy Pink Handcuffs
3 Sequin Lips
7 Make-up and Perfumes
17 Ribbons
5 Roses
1 Sequin Shoes
9 Glitter Silhouettes
3 Paper Stars
3 Ribbon Laced Stars
3 Glitter Male/Female Symbols
3 Glitter Word Art

Here is the tag that I made with the kit. I've also written a tutorial for it so that you can make your own.

The tutorial is called "Sex In The City" and can be found here:


It uses the artwork of Elias Chatzoudis.

Here also is one of the layouts I have made from the kit. You can snag the LO as a freebie this week on my blog.

Everything you see in the LO above is included, except the pictures. The pictures are from my daughter's trip to New York two years ago when she won the "Fan Feb" contest and was a guest on the soap One Life to Live.

Layout is 3600x3600 and 300dpi.

You can snag yours here.

Password is: THANKS

Have a great day all. I'm off to make some goodies for some collabs.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Grab Bag

Evening folks,

I was hoping to have another new kit finished tonight but it's been one of those days. I should have it ready tomorrow or Monday depending on how much computer time I get tomorrow. We are trading bedrooms so I think most of my day tomorrow will be in moving furniture....lol.

I did manage to put together a new commercial use grab bag for you this morning before things got crazy. As with the Valentine grab bag, this one is full of pre-made goodies that I have made to use in my script previews. You are free to use them as is or do some re-coloring, resizing, or adding to. Only thing I ask is that you don't take them and re-sale them like they are. They do need to be altered or sold as part of a kit that you have made.

The scrapper grab bag is 143mb of goodies.
The tagger grab bag is exactly like the scrapper but smaller files. It is 18.5mb of goodies.

A grab bag full of spring and Easter goodies. 43 PNG format files. Available
in scrapper and tagger sizes. Commercial use is allowed.

Available in my store tonight and will be available in my other stores sometime tomorrow.




Friday, March 27, 2009

New Kit, New Tutorial and some freebies

Evening folks,

I have another new kit for you tonight and this is a big one. There are 21 papers and 151 elements in this bright and cheerful Easter kit. The kit is packed with tons of ribbons, bows, frames, Easter eggs, bunnies and flowers. This is the perfect kit for your Easter Layouts and for making your Easter tags. It's called "Bunny Hop".

Kit is available in both scrapper and tagger sizes. And for anyone buying the kit now through March 31st you get an add-on of 8 decorated frames for FREE. Keep reading for more details.

Also, tonight is a new sig tag tutorial made from the new "Bunny Hop" kit.

A new tutorial by Kristin at Wicked Dreamz Tutorials using the "Pretty N Punk" kit.

And lastly, a chocolate goodie pack freebie.

Bunny Hop

A huge Easter kit full of bright colors and bunnies! This one has everything you need to scrap those Easter pics of the kids egg hunts or to make the perfect Easter tag. There are tons of frames, ribbons, bows, Easter eggs, and cute bunnies.

Kit includes:
21 Papers
1 Easter Basket
2 Beaded Egg Ropes
2 Birds
1 Birdhouse
11 Lace Borders
16 Bows
9 Bunnies
4 Butterflies
16 Buttons
1 Dragonfly
21 Easter Eggs
8 Fences
8 Flowers
18 Frames
21 Ribbons
9 Rick Rack
2 Ribbon Wraps
1 Easter Egg Wreath

Available in my stores starting today!

Bunny Hop Add-on Frames

8 Beautifully decorated Egg-shaped frames that match the "Bunny Hop" scrap kit.
Each frame measures 1200x1300 pixels. Perfect for your layouts or tags.

These frames will be free to anyone who buys the "Bunny Hop" kit from my personal store here between now and March 31st. When making your kit purchase DO NOT add the frames to your cart. They will automatically be sent along with your kit links.

If you want only the frames, they are available for purchase in my store also.

This "free" offer is ONLY AVAILABLE in my personal store. You will NOT receive the frames for free if you buy the kit at any of my other stores.

Good Egg by QueenBrat
Uses the artwork of Jamie Kidd and the "Bunny Hop" scrap kit.
Tut can be found here:

Pretty N Punk by Kristin
Uses the art of Martin Abel and my "Pretty N Punk" scrap kit.
The tut can be found here:

And a little weekend freebie for you freebie hunters.
There is one paper and 4 elements in this mini pack. All are scrapper sized and for PERSONAL USE ONLY.

Link Has Expired.

Have a great weekend all!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hey folks,

How about a sig tag tutorial from yesterday's kit? I always love seeing tuts and layouts done with kits to give me ideas of what I can do with them. So, I decided this kit definitely needed a tutorial and the tube I used I fell in love with the minute I saw it. Her expression catches my feelings exactly when I find that my stuff is being pirated by yet another soul that wants to claim "educational purposes" or the other garbage that the pirates spout.

It's a pretty basic tutorial and the template used I have included in the supplies zip. Directions are included to make yours animated if you wish.

Hope you like it!

You can find the tutorial here:

Say No

The day is young so I may be back with more goodies later.....lol.


Monday, March 23, 2009

New Kit

Evening folks,

I have finally got a new kit finished...lol. This one was by request from my daughter and it turned out better than I thought it would...lol.

It's called "Pretty N Punk" and is a brightly colored girly kit for the "punk" in all of us. Filled with girly crossbones, glitter, flowers, ribbons, and bows.

Kit is available in all my stores starting right now!

  • Kit includes:
  • 17 Papers
  • 2 Backpacks
  • 12 Bows
  • 4 Brads
  • 4 Braids
  • 5 Buttons
  • 1 Binder Clip
  • 2 Corsets
  • 2 Crossed Ribbons
  • 13 Flowers
  • 6 Frames
  • 7 Hearts
  • 4 Key Chains
  • 4 Laced Ribbons
  • 9 Ribbons
  • 4 Rick Rack
  • 2 Skulls
  • 2 Star Clusters
  • 5 Swirls
  • 5 Tags

Here is a layout I made using the kit.

It features my "Pretty" daughter N my wannabe "Punk" son.....lol.

Available in both tagger and scrapper size. Enjoy the kit!


Friday, March 20, 2009

New Script, a few tutorials, and a freebie

Hey folks!

Well I spent half the day at yet another doctor with my son today but I did manage to squeeze in some time to finish a script and sort through my overfilled mailbox. I had lots of emails in my inbox that had important info in them that I have almost cleared away. In the emails I found a couple of new signature tag tutorials you can try out and I found some awards for my blog that a few ladies sent me.

I also finished up another new script this morning and have it posted in all my stores now.

And of course I made a new freebie for you today also. I just had to take a few and play around with the scripts.....lol.

Easter Egg Wreath Script

This PSP script will make a 3600x3600 pixel Easter egg wreath. You pick all colors.
Can use colors, papers, or gradients. You can use 1-6 different colors for the eggs.
Gray-scale bow is included. Final product is in two layers so you can use with or without the bow.
Tested in PSP 9 and up.
MuRa's Meister Copy Filter is needed. This filter is available free:

Bev has written a new sig tag tut called Joy Can Be Fun using my Spring Sonnet scrap kit.
You can find this tut on Bev's blog here:

Gina has written a new tut called Love Fae using my Bugs N Kisses scrap kit.
You can find the tut on Gina's site here:

I just received this awesome award from Nikki @ Creative Intentionz
The rules are simple.... Choose 5 Friends to receive this award and forward it on!

Norma of Swheat Creations
Jill of Created by Jill
Tammy of Tammy's Scraps
Missy of Scraps With Attitude
Ali of Dezigns by Ali

You ladies deserve this. Your designs are awesome!

I also received these awards from Carmin at Carmin's Creative Chaos.

I am supposed to pass these along to seven other deserving ladies so here goes:
Norma of Swheat Creations
Jill of Created by Jill
Tammy of Tammy's Scraps
Missy of Scraps With Attitude
Ali of Dezigns by Ali
Clarey of Clarey's Designz
Twinky of Twinky Dezines

Thank you ladies for the awards. They have put a smile on my face!

And here is a little freebie for you tonight. I used my Easter Bunny script and the Easter Egg Wreath script to make these. They are 1800x2400 pixels and 300dpi. PERSONAL USE ONLY on these please.

You may download these here.

Password is: THANKS

Have a great night all!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lots of New Stuff and a Freebie!

Hey folks,

I've finally got my son home and got to work on some new stuff for you guys. It's been a long week for us and I only got to work in bits and pieces at a time. I finally set down yesterday and got everything put together and got some previews made.

So this is what I have for you today:

2 New Easter/Spring Scripts for PSP users
2 New Easter/Spring Templates
3 New Signature Tag Tutorials
1 FREEBIE Mini Kit

Scripts and templates are available in all stores as of this morning.

This script will make an adorable Easter Bunny holding a carrot. Two scripts included to make a boy bunny or a girl bunny.
Final product size is 2800x3600 pixels and 300 dpi.
You pick all colors. Colors, patterns, or gradients can be used. Tested in PSP9 and up.

This script will make a colorful flower pot with butterflies and a lady bug accenting.
Final product size is 3600x3600 pixels and 300 dpi.
You pick all colors. Colors, patterns, or gradients can be used. Tested in PSP9 and up.

With this template you can make an adorable Easter bunny.
Add the flowers for a girl bunny or leave them out for a boy.
Final product size is 2800x3600 pixels and 300 dpi.
PSD format to retain the layers.

With this template you can make a colorful flower pot with butterflies and a lady bug accenting.
Final product size is 3600x3600 pixels and 300 dpi.
PSD format to retain the layers.

Girls Rock
An animated sig tag tutorial using the art of Ismael Rac and my "It's A Girl Thang" scrap kit.


Dreams Do Come True
Uses the art of Armando Huerta and my scrap kit "Delicate Blues".


Hotter Than You
Uses the art of Ismael Rac and my scrap kit "A Funky Kind of Love".


Mini kit includes two papers and 7 elements in a gingham theme. The kit is scrapper sized 3600x3600 pixel papers and 300dpi.

You may download it here.

Password is: THANKS

Have a great day all!


Friday, March 13, 2009

A Freebie for all

Hey folks,

Just seems it has been one of those weeks that I've gotten little accomplished and the last few days it's been zero as far as designing. My oldest son who has colitis and PSC has gotten sick again and had to be re-admitted to the hospital. They've ran a bunch of test and cat scans and so far have given him 3 units of blood. They aren't really sure where his blood is going but with a hemoglobin of 6.4 he was one sick puppy. They think that he is losing blood slowly threw his bowels due to the blood thinner they had to put him on for the blood clots. On top of that he's gotten the flu which can be serious with his suppressed immune system. Hopefully they will have him perky enough to come home tomorrow and I will get to spend some time at home and designing.

I hated not having a new freebie for you tonight, so I dug one out of the files....lol. This was made using my Whitewashed kit. Check it out in my stores. It is on sale at 50% off along with my entire store at Equisite Scraps and Bitchin' Scrap Boutique this weekend.

The layout is full size 3600x3600 pixels and 300 dpi.

You can snag yours here.

Password is: THANKS

Night all.....this tired momma is going to bed early tonight.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Kits, A Sig Tag Tutorial, and a Freebie

Evening folks!

I have two new kits tonight, a signature tag tutorial and a freebie!

The first kit is a St. Patty's Day kit and the second is a new kit in the Moments of Romance Series. Both are available in my store tonight and will be added to my other stores tomorrow. Scrapper and Tagger size is available.

The signature tag tutorial is using the beautiful work of Ismael Rac and is St. Patty's Day themed.

Tonight's freebie is a sampler from the new Moments of Romance series kit. It's available for scrappers and taggers.


A St. Patty's Day kit full of glitter and glitz. Includes lots of frames, bows, ribbons, and a mixture of other elements.

Kit includes:
12 Papers
1 String Beads
1 Bear
14 Bows
3 Brads
3 Buttons
2 Coins
6 Flowers
9 Frames
1 Journal
3 Lucky Charms
3 Paper Clips
3 Pins
1 Pot o' gold
1 Rag doll
1 Rainbow
6 Ribbons
6 Shamrocks
3 String Bows
3 Word Art

You can get this one in my store right now!

Exquisite Romance

Another new kit in the Moment of Romance series.

As vintage themed kit, Exquiste Romance is filled with lots of goodies that include: bows, ribbons, lace, beads, frames, and flowers
all sure to dress up that layout or tag of yours into a feminine splendor....sorry guys!

Kit includes:
16 Papers
1 Bead String
4 Bows
5 Brads
5 Buttons
3 Cameo
3 Curled Ribbons
3 Flowers
13 Frames
3 Heart Ribbons
1 Key
4 Old letters
1 Old Book
1 Old Paper
5 Paper Hearts
3 Post Cards
8 Ribbons
4 Roses
4 Swirls
4 Tags
3 Frame/Picture Wraps

You can get this one in my store right now!

Lucky Ladies Tutorial

This is a fairly easy tutorial using my new "Blarney" kit and the art of Ismael Rac. You can find the tutorial here.

Exquisite Romance Sampler

Sampler Kit includes:
3 Papers
1 Bows
1 Brads
1 Buttons
1 Flowers
1 Frames
1 Heart Ribbons
1 Old letters
1 Paper Hearts
1 Roses

You can download the freebies here:



Password is: THANKS

Have a great night everyone!