Saturday, April 21, 2012

Changes in TOU

Evening folks,

It's been a long two days dealing with some folks who want to abuse my TOU and push it to it's limits.  Therefore, I have had to clarify a few points in the TOU and revoke privileges for using my scripts, templates, make FTU kits.  Here are the points that have changed:

--You may NOT make a kit or element pack containing more than 1/4 the total of elements being the end results of my scripts, templates, element packs, etc.  
Products made from my scripts, templates, etc must be mixed with items from other sources in your scrap kits or element packs.

--You may NOT make kit or element pack previews featuring only the end results of my scripts, templates, elements, etc as a preview of your kit or element pack.
Your previews must be a reflection of the entire kit/element pack.  (I reserve the right to ask that previews be altered if you violate this.)

--You may NOT use the end results of my scripts, templates, FREE kits, element packs, etc.  This privilege was abused and I have now disallowed giving any items away.
Special permission may be granted for this use if you email me in advance.

I apologize for making these changes, but there are some people that abuse the privileges and all suffer in the end.

I would also like to stress one point in my TOU that has been a part of my TOU since I began selling my kits and scripts several years ago:

--You MAY NOT use these files for obscene, dafamatory, or immoral works or any other
purpose which is prohibited by law.

While most will understand that these means vulgarity, profanity, etc... it seems a few think it's okay to use my kits, scripts and such anyway.  It's not!  You have the right to call yourself whatever you may like.  You have the right to use nude tubes to make your signature tags.   But you  do not have the right to purchase my work and associate me with your sad behavior.  This is not being discriminatory.  This is me standing up for my Christian beliefs.   I would rather not make a dime if what you purchase is going to be used for the Devil's purposes.  So please, refrain from purchasing from me if you cannot agree to keep the 'smut' out of it.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to send me an email.


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