Friday, January 27, 2012

New Exclusive PSP Script Bundles

I have three new script bundle deals for you today. These bundle deals are exclusive to my personal store at:
Each bundle is priced at only $20 dollars, but is valued at more than $60 if you purchased the scripts separately. You won't find these scripts cheaper anywhere else.
All scripts will make a 300dpi scrapper size element for your projects. They have been tested in PSP9 and up and are for commercial use. For more detail on the scripts, please read their individual descriptions.

Scripts included in this bundle are:
-Plastic Heart Frames Script
-Long Stem Rose Script
-Valentine Hanging Heart Script
-Cupid 2010 Script
-Valentine Heart Balloons Script
-Square Heart Laced Up Frame Script
-Valentine Cupid Dangle Script
-Tuxedo Heart Script
-Key To My Heart Script
-Eyelet Heart Ribbon Script
-Ribbon Wrapped Heart Script
-Heart Flower Script
-Eyelet Heart Frame Script
-Valentine Candy Script
-Heart Man Script
-Diamond Heart Frame Script
-Lace Edged Heart Script
-Cupig Script
-Heart Woman Script
-Heart Frame Script

Scripts included in this bundle are:
-Converstion Heart Border Script
-3-D Heart Border Script
-Diamond Heart Button Script
-Devil Heart Script
-Puffy Heart Script
-Loverflies Script
-Swirled Heart Sucker Script
-Heart Sucker Script
-Valentine House Script
-Love Word Art Script
-Conversation Heart Chain Script
-3D Love Word Art Script
-Be My Valentine Word Art Script
-Cupid Stitched Heart Script
-Conversations Hearts Script
-Heart N Roses Frame Script
-Love Dangle Script Script
-Toby Teddy Cupid Script
-Bearing Gifts Script
-Toby Teddy Valentine Script

Scripts included in this bundle are:
-Lace Heart Ribbon Script
-Valentine Cupid Script
-Valentine Heart Tag Script
-Heart Beads Script
-Cupids Bag N Arrow Script
-Heart Balloon Script
-Chocolate Kisses Script
-Heart N Roses Script
-Toby Teddy Heart Strings Script
-Victorian Heart Ornament Script
-Some Bunny Loves U Script
-Candy Heart Frame Script
-Love Note Script
-Mr Valentine Script
-Valentine Glasses Script
-Heart Lock N Key Script
-Winged Heart Script
-3D Love Frame Script
-Vintage Lace Heart Frame Script
-Elephant Love Script

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