Monday, January 30, 2012

All My Love with a Freebie is Released

Good Evening All,

I have a brand new kit release this evening for you and with it there is also a freebie and a new tutorial. You can find the tutorial over on my tut blog here. As always my kit comes in both scrapper and tagger size. Scrapper size can be found at my personal store here and at

Now a little about the new kit:

All My Love

Everything is coming up Roses in this this beautiful, romantic kit filled
with lace, glitter, satin, and roses. The kit has a large selection of bows, frames,
ribbons, 'girly' items and much more so you have a variety to work with. This is the
perfect kit for romantic and Valentine's Day projects!

Kit contains:
15 Papers
1 Baby's Breath
3 Heart Edged Back Papers
5 Borders
12 Bows
1 Red Bra
2 Buttons
1 Candles
1 Valentine's Candy
1 Champagne Bottle
1 Champagne Glass
1 Cherub
1 Stitched Cluster
2 Corsets
1 Diamond Charm
1 Diamond Necklace
2 Doves
1 Elephant
1 Envelope
4 Flowers
15 Frames
2 Gifts
3 Gloves
3 Greenery
9 Hearts
1 Heart Ornament
8 Heart Swirls
3 Lace Hearts
1 Lips
1 Lipstick
1 Lollipop
2 Love Letters
3 Love Notes
1 Luv Bug
1 Mascara
1 Nail polish
3 Paper Clips
3 Paper Hearts
1 Perfume
8 Ribbons
3 Roses
1 Rose Bouquet
3 Rose Petals
2 Red Shoes
2 Spiral Hearts
3 Glitter Spatters
3 Stitches
1 Red Vase
1 'Love' Word Art
4 Frame/Picture Wraps

And a little freebie from the new kit:

Quick page measures 3600x3600px and is 300dpi.
Personal Use Only!

Link Has Expired.

Have a wonderful evening!


Friday, January 27, 2012

New Exclusive PSP Script Bundles

I have three new script bundle deals for you today. These bundle deals are exclusive to my personal store at:
Each bundle is priced at only $20 dollars, but is valued at more than $60 if you purchased the scripts separately. You won't find these scripts cheaper anywhere else.
All scripts will make a 300dpi scrapper size element for your projects. They have been tested in PSP9 and up and are for commercial use. For more detail on the scripts, please read their individual descriptions.

Scripts included in this bundle are:
-Plastic Heart Frames Script
-Long Stem Rose Script
-Valentine Hanging Heart Script
-Cupid 2010 Script
-Valentine Heart Balloons Script
-Square Heart Laced Up Frame Script
-Valentine Cupid Dangle Script
-Tuxedo Heart Script
-Key To My Heart Script
-Eyelet Heart Ribbon Script
-Ribbon Wrapped Heart Script
-Heart Flower Script
-Eyelet Heart Frame Script
-Valentine Candy Script
-Heart Man Script
-Diamond Heart Frame Script
-Lace Edged Heart Script
-Cupig Script
-Heart Woman Script
-Heart Frame Script

Scripts included in this bundle are:
-Converstion Heart Border Script
-3-D Heart Border Script
-Diamond Heart Button Script
-Devil Heart Script
-Puffy Heart Script
-Loverflies Script
-Swirled Heart Sucker Script
-Heart Sucker Script
-Valentine House Script
-Love Word Art Script
-Conversation Heart Chain Script
-3D Love Word Art Script
-Be My Valentine Word Art Script
-Cupid Stitched Heart Script
-Conversations Hearts Script
-Heart N Roses Frame Script
-Love Dangle Script Script
-Toby Teddy Cupid Script
-Bearing Gifts Script
-Toby Teddy Valentine Script

Scripts included in this bundle are:
-Lace Heart Ribbon Script
-Valentine Cupid Script
-Valentine Heart Tag Script
-Heart Beads Script
-Cupids Bag N Arrow Script
-Heart Balloon Script
-Chocolate Kisses Script
-Heart N Roses Script
-Toby Teddy Heart Strings Script
-Victorian Heart Ornament Script
-Some Bunny Loves U Script
-Candy Heart Frame Script
-Love Note Script
-Mr Valentine Script
-Valentine Glasses Script
-Heart Lock N Key Script
-Winged Heart Script
-3D Love Frame Script
-Vintage Lace Heart Frame Script
-Elephant Love Script

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Three New Kits and Freebie

Good Morning!

I've been busy....haha! I have three new kits ready for you this morning. Each carries a Valentine/Love theme so I hope you find one that you like. The kits come in both scrapper and tagger size and can be found in all of my stores now. Scrapper size kits are now also available at Personal-Use.Com as well as my personal store.

I also have a little freebie for you today that I hope you will enjoy. New tutorials will arrive on my tutorial blog later today for those looking for some new tag ideas :)


Candy Hearts

A delightful candy heart kit for Valentine's Day. Kit includes lots of candy hearts and chocolates, heart suckers, silver charms, heart frames, several Valentine's Day 'critters', and two sweet cupid posers by Medievilcreations. The perfect kit for all of your sweet Valentine's Day projects.

Kit includes:
21 Papers
1 Cupid's Arrows
1 Bag of Cupid's Arrows
1 Beaded Heart String
2 Valentine's Day Bears
1 Candy Heart Border
9 Satin Bows
1 Heart Button
1 Box of Valentine Candy
1 Candy Heart Pin
7 Silver charms
7 Conversation Hearts
1 Conversation Heart Chain
1 Cupid
1 Cupid's Bow
1 Cupig
1 Elephant Love
6 Flowers
6 Heart Frames
2 Lace Edged Hearts
1 Heart Man
1 Heart Woman
1 House of Love
3 Chocolate Kisses
2 Poser's by Medi
9 Satin Ribbons
9 Curled Strings
4 Heart Suckers
8 Frame/Picture Wraps

Devine Love
(Yes, I spelled it wrong but I'm strange like

A sweet and romantic Valentine kit done in pinks, charcoal, and light brown. This one is a break away from the traditional kits of pink and red. Kit includes three adorable posers by Designed By K, Cupid, lots of heart elements, love notes and other goodies. There are 112 Elements and 16 papers in this kit.

Designed By K

Kit includes:
16 Papers
7 Templates
1 Bear
4 Borders
6 Bows
4 Brads
2 Butterflies
4 Buttons
4 Candles
1 Box of Valentine Candy
4 Chocolate Kisses
2 Cupid
3 Posers by Designed by K
8 Flowers
2 Folded Heart Ribbons
14 Different Heart Elements
1 Heart Necklace
2 Heart Strings
2 Keys
2 Laced Ribbon Hearts
4 Lips
2 Locked Hearts
3 Lollipops
5 Love Notes
4 Note papers
1 Pin
6 Ribbons
8 Roses
1 Word Art

What About Love

A traditional Valentine's Day kit done in Red, pink, and white. This kit is filled with love and romance. A must have for all of your romantic projects for Valentine's Day. Kit includes three stunning posers by Medievilcreations and a few other 'critters' to help you spread the love.

Kit contains:
12 Papers
4 Heart Balloons
2 Beaded Hearts
3 Hearts of all Beads
1 Bear
2 Borders
6 Bows
2 Braids
2 Butterflies
5 Buttons
1 Box of Valentine's Candy
1 Cupig
6 Flowers
6 Frames
3 Hearts
3 Heart Boxes
1 Heart Chain
2 Heart Pins
1 Heart Vine Frame
3 Posers by Medievilcreations
1 Lips
1 Locked Heart
1 Love Meter
4 Love Notes
1 Mr Valentine
2 Pencils
6 Ribbons
1 Sequins Splash
2 Word Art

A Little Freebie...

The zip contains both a scrapper (2719x2744px) and tagger (800x807px) frame
so you won't need to re-size. Each is 300dpi and for Personal Use Only.

Link Has Expired.

Have a wonderful day!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Granny's Roses and New PSP Script Released

Good morning folks!

As promised my Valentine's Day/Love kits are being released this week. I am starting off with one that is very special to my heart. This was made as a tribute to my Granny who passed away Thanksgiving weekend in 2011. I dearly love my Granny and am going to miss her more than words can ever begin to say. She helped raise me when I was young and has always been there for me as an adult. She has been the greatest influence in my life with all of the wisdom she gathered in her 95 years. Her greatest passion were her flowers and she always had a fabulous flower garden. Pink Roses were one of her favorites. So to honor my wonderful Granny here is a kit of Love with Pink Roses, Lace, and lots of Love.

There is also a new PSP Script being released in my stores today and a little freebie on my blog.

Granny's Roses

A kit made as a tribute to my Granny that we lost to heart disease a short

time ago. This Vintage kit has a rose theme with lots of hearts and lace. Kit can be

used for all of your romantic and Valentine's Day projects.

Tagger and Scrapper sizes are available.

Kit includes:
15 Papers
3 Lace Edged Papers
3 Lace Borders
10 Bows
3 Buttons
2 Cameo
3 Lace Fans
8 Frames
2 Victorian Heart Ornaments
3 Pillow Hearts
1 Heart Dangle
1 Heart and Roses decoration
1 Heart Tag
3 Lace Hearts
1 Love Letter
3 Love Notes
3 Heart shaped Paper Clips
1 Pearl Bracelet
1 Pearl Necklace
1 Pearl Scatter
1 Pencil
7 Ribbons
4 Roses
3 Sequin Scatters
3 Stitches
4 Frame/Picture Wraps
1 Rose and Lace Wreath

Vintage Lace Heart Frame Script

Free Quick Page

Here is a little freebie for you using my new "Granny's Roses" kit.
The quick page is 3600x3600 and 300dpi.
Personal Use Only!

You can grab yours here.
Password is: THANKS

Have a wonderful day!


Friday, January 20, 2012

New PSP Scripts for the Season of Love

Hey folks!

Don't miss out on my Season of Love sale now going on in all of my stores. Included in the sale are all old and new items. Just added in time to get the sale price are 7 new PSP Scripts. Be sure to check these out and grab them up at a great price.

***Bundle deals are excluded from this sale.

New PSP Scripts

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New PSP Scripts and Season of Love Sale

I'm finally back online in my new house and I have some new PSP Scripts that have just been loaded to my stores. Also, to kick off the "Season of Love" I have a 40% off sale running in all of my stores.

New PSP Scripts


My personal store!

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