Saturday, August 15, 2009


Hey folks,

It's been forever since I've posted. It's been a crazy few weeks of running with my kids. As most of you know my daughter is pregnant...very preggo at this point. Patrick Riley will arrive in about 4 weeks time. So we have been busy getting her family moved into a larger place before the baby gets here. On top of that I have a son in high school playing football and two a day practices are a killer when you are trying to get anything I've been running since August 3rd back and forth to the football field for practices. And then this past Tuesday my oldest had his second surgery to attach the inside colostomy bag and get rid of the awful outside one. The surgery went great and he was released from the hospital last night. So it's been a bit crazy!

And since I don't have anything new in the stores, I decided to do a big, big sale in my stores. Everything is marked down to $1.00!!!! Now is the time to pick up those kits, scripts and other things you've put off buying.

You can grab this special price in these stores:



And on a sadder note...I have pulled all of my products from The Creativity Box and will no longer be selling in that store. For those of you who made purchases of my items in that store, I do hope you will follow me to one of the other stores that I sell in. The decision to leave this store was made because the store owner decided to allow a 'pirate' to sell her kits in the store. This pirate owns a "snagging" group where my links were shared along with the links to many other designers items. Now this pirate has decided to use the stolen scripts, actions, etc and make kits. So she and the store owner will now profit from the theft of merchandise from other designers. I'm sorry but that is just wrong and I want no part of it.

If any of you have made purchases of my designs through The Creativity Box and have problems with your items, email me directly and I will take care of it.

Have a great night all! I'm off to work on some new kits.


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