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Dollar Days Blog Sale!!!

From now until the end of April I'm having dollar days at my blog store.

To order go to the Special Promotion/Sales section and decide which coupon you want to use. There is a coupon for $2.00, $3.00, $4.00, $5.00, $10.00, $15.00, and $20.00. Click on the coupon to add it to your cart. Proceed to check out and in the "NOTES" section fill in your desired products. (Be sure to include if it's tagger or scrapper size on kit purchases.) And then pay for your selections.


Here is an example of the page where you add your desired products:

****Combining coupons is allowed...(if you want 25 products you can use a combination of two coupons).

Download links will be sent out individually for ALL orders. Please allow me some time to send them before emailing me.

The sale starts here:

Happy shopping!


More New Goodies

More insomnia last night, so I made some goodies. And now that we have the results I will spill the beans on what has been troubling me so much lately.

Some of you that know me know that my oldest son is ill and has been for a very long time. He was hit with ulcerative colitis 7 years ago at the age of 18. It's been a long battle with meds that didn't work, uncontrolled bleeding and blood transfusions, long hospital stays, and a secondary liver condition developing called Primary schlerosing cholingitis. When the liver condition developed two years ago, we were told to prepare for a liver transplant within the next 10 years because it causes liver failure and cancer. I had gotten used to that idea...sorta. With the colitis he was finally on some meds that kept it manageable, so we thought we had it beat somewhat. That is until this week. He had his standard test done watching for problems with his liver and the results came back abnormal. They immediately scheduled him…

New Kits, a Sig Tag Tut, and a few Freebies

Hey folks,

I've been busy!!!! I finished up two new kits for you and have them uploaded to my store. They are exclusively in my store at this time. I'm working on getting them into the other stores later today. Kits are available in Scrapper and Tagger sizes.

I've also got a new sig tag tutorial added to my site for you sig tag lovers. This one uses my new kit "Divalicious".

And of course I have a couple of freebies for you today. Keep reading to grab the freebies.

Divalicious Scrap Kit

This one is DIVA-licious! Bright, fun turquoise and lime hues bring this kit to life.
This one is a girly kit with tons of glitter, frames, bows and ribbons!

Kit includes:
22 Papers
4 Boas
2 Borders
10 Bows
2 Butterflies
4 Buttons
3 CD's
4 Corsets
8 Curled Ribbons
8 Flowers
10 Frames
1 Frame Cluster
1 Glitter Deco
3 Guitars
6 Hearts
2 Lady Bugs
8 Musical Notes
8 Ribbons
4 Skulls
2 Stars
4 Swirls
8 Tags
2 Tickets
2 Wings
6 Word Art

I Love Mom Scrap Kit

A cutsie Mother&…

Sale and Two Sig Tutorials

Evening folks,

Just a quick post before I try to suffering with the insomnia. I have forced myself the last two nights to at least lay down and rest my joints. Thank God for nighttime TV to entertain

Anyways, I joined a new store and we are having a big 50% off sale tomorrow. Be sure to travel over and check it out. Most everything in my store is included in the sale!

The Creativity Box

I also have two new sig tag tutorials for you tonight by two very talented ladies!

Bel Vidotti wrote this awesome tutorial using the art of Zindy and my Exquisite Romance Scrap kit called 'My Love Glows'.

Mami also wrote an awesome tut using Zindy's work. The kit used is 'A Lil Romance'.
Tut is called: Looking Lovely


Hope you enjoy the tutorials! Be sure to check out the sale over at The Creativity Box. Sale runs on Wednesday only!



New Scripts and a Freebie

Evening folks!

First, let me remind everyone about the tagger/scrapper contest. You can read the rules here on my blog. Deadline is April 30th at midnight EST.

I've got quite a few new goodies tonight due to the ongoing I've had about four hours sleep out of the last 72 hours. I was actually getting sleepy while uploading these, but the minute I tried to relax, I found myself wide awake again. Maybe later

Okay...I have seven new scripts! The first four are "Mother's Day" scripts and the other three are new editions to the Toby Teddy series.

Scripts are going in all my stores tonight so pick your favorite and go check them out.

I also have a little freebie for you so keep reading.

Lace Edged Mother Heart

This script will make 1 2400x2400 pixel Laced edged Heart with MOTHER on it. You can use colors, gradients, or patterns as your fills. Scripts were tested in PSP 9 and up. Commercial use is allowed.

Final Product ends in layers s…

Announcement and a Freebie

QueenBrat Designs is hosting the first of it's now monthly contest for scrappers and taggers. The 1st contest will run from April 17, 2009 until April 30, 2009. All submissions will be due in no later than midnight on the 30th.

There will be a separate division for scrappers and taggers and prizes for each division.

Outside judges will be used to pick the winners. This will NOT be a popularity contest.

Please view the blog post for information about rules and prizes.

Here is a little freebie for you taggers today.

These are approximately 700 pixels in width so are geared for taggers. They are gray-scale so you can recolor to your needed color. They are in PNG and PSD format to make recoloring easier on a couple. Personal use only!

You can snag your set of word art here.

Password is: THANKS

Enjoy the freebie.
I look forward to seeing your layout and tag entries.


New Templates and Sig Tag Tutorials

Evening folks,

I have a few goodies for you tonight.

First, I have three new signature tag tutorials written by three very talented ladies. Thank you ladies for making such stunning tags with my kits! Be sure to check out their tutorial sites and see all of their work.

The second goodie are two sets of templates for the designers out there. The first set are "70's theme" templates. There are a total of 14 templates in this set. You can buy the entire group at one low price or you can purchase just the ones in the set that you want.

The second set of templates are "Royality" templates and are perfect for your princess or prom kits. Each is available separately so you can grab the one(s) that you want.

The templates have been added to these stores today. So be sure to check them out in your favorite store.

Spring Sonnet by Kajira

Breath of Spring by Lorelei…