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Lots of Information

Morning folks,

Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays! The kids and I have enjoyed ours so far. We actually get an extra holiday in our family on the 1st. My oldest son was the New Years Baby here in Logan 25 years Hard to believe that I have been a 'MOM' now for 25 years!

Here is a layout I made using my "Ringing in the New Year" kit and some pictures that the local newspaper took of my New Year's

My doctor, Dr. Pimpa, is the one in the white jacket. She's one of few doctors still in our area after all these years and she's still delivering babies.

So while you all eat your cabbage and black eyed peas....we will be having birthday cake!!!!! My son's favorite is a cake I make called "Pig Pickin'". It uses a butter cake with mandarin oranges and an icing of cool whip, crushed pineapples, and instant vanilla pudding.. No dieting in my house allowed on the

Okay, so now to all the news.

Christmas Blog T…

Lottery Winner Announcement

Hey folks,

Just wanted to take a few minutes and end the Lottery and pick the winners.

Drum roll please...

***1st place winner of a 6 month membership***
(with the membership you receive every new kit I make during that 6 months...a $45 value)


***2nd place winner of any 5 kits from my store that you want***
(a $15 to $25 value depending on the kits)


***3rd place winner of any 2 kits from my store that you want***
(a $6 to $10 value depending on the kits)


I will be contacting you ladies later today to fill you in more about your prizes and take your kit orders.

Congratulations and thanks for participating!!!


Breath of Spring and a Freebie

Good Afternoon folks,

I have a brand new kit for you today and you will think I'm But before I get to the kit I just wanted to touch on the subject about sharing PTU kits.

I awoke at 3am this morning to finish up today's kit for you guys. Shortly after I received an email from a very nice gentleman letting me know that my brand new "Ringing in the New Year" kit is being freely shared in the pirate sharing groups. I have since spent the last few hours having the links removed, sending in DMCA complaints to Yahoogroups and Googlegroups, and sending cease and desist notices to the people that were sharing the kit. Not exactly the way I wanted to spend the morning and I must seem like one big Scrooge to everyone about now.

Yes, I do get upset when my PTU kits are shared freely for three reasons. The first is that I have many people that buy their kits and use them legally and it is not fair to them that others share the kits for free. The second reason is t…

New Years Kits

Morning folks,

As I posted previously the "Ringing In The New Year" kit was originally part of a collaboration that the designers at Taggers Scraps made. With the store closing we were left with what to do with our

Many of the designers have now posted their portion to their blogs at very reasonable prices. So if you like my part, be sure to go check out theirs also. (You might even find a portion of it as a freebie!)

Here is my portion of the kit again. You can now purchase it in most of my stores. Some stores have the scrapper size and some have the tagger size. (Please check in the stores for which size is available before you purchase or go to my blog store where both sizes are available.)

And here is the preview of the other parts to this collab kit.

I don't guarantee that everyone has posted theirs, but the other designers participating were:

Butterfly Blush Designs
Candys Treats
The Fanzy Designz
Gothic Inspirations

Ringing In The New Year and a freebie

Hey folks!

I have a new kit for you tonight and no it's not a Christmas

All that glitters is gold in this glammed up New Years Kit called "Ringing In The New Year". Includes all the traditional New Years party supplies with bright gold accents. You also get a baby new years teddy bear and a Mr. and Mrs. Bear ready to hit the town and ring in the new year.

Part of this kit was originally part of the New Years Collab being offered at Taggers Scraps, but with Taggers Scraps closing it's doors, I didn't want you to miss out on it. So I added to my part of the collab and made a full kit out of it.

It is available only in my blog store tonight for both scrappers and taggers. I will be uploading it to my other stores tomorrow.
Hope you guys like it!

Kit Includes:
6 bows
1 clock
3 curled ribbons
5 frames
2 hats
1 horn
9 papers
6 ribbons
1 Times Square ball
1 toasting glass
6 word art
3 balloons
1 banner
3 brads
3 buttons
3 braided ribbons
3 teddy bears

You can find the kit here…

My Final Blog Train

My final blog train for the Christmas holidays is about to take off. The Holly Jolly Christmas Express is 80 stops long! That's right! Design goodies from 80 different designers. You don't want to miss this train. I've seen the previews and the kits and other goodies are b-e-a-utiful!

Here is my portion of the blog train.

Here are two 3600x3600 Quick pages. Each is 300dpi which makes them perfect for printing. All you need to do is drop your pictures in.

These quick pages were made from my "Holly Jolly Christmas" kit. You can pick up the full kit here.


Don't forget to leave some love for me and the other designers.

After you have snagged my part you can continue on the journey with the Holly Jolly Christmas Express here:

Stop 01 - BeaconScrap
Stop 02 - Carolyn Ritter
Stop 03 - Kez Creates Designs
Stop 04 - Crafted by Gina
Stop 05 - DesignsByAmilyn
Stop 06 - Michelle Angeles
Stop 07 - Throwing Some Scraps Around
Stop 08 - Country Hollow Scraps

Dollar Days for Christmas!

From now until Christmas Eve it's Dollar Days in my blog store!

Everything in the store is just $1.00 each with a $5.00 minimum purchase. This includes all new kits, scripts, templates, tubes, and designer elements. Prices will never be any lower!

To order go to the Special Promotion/Sales section and decide which coupon you want to use. There is a coupon for $5.00, $10.00, $15.00, and $20.00. Click on the coupon to add it to your cart. Proceed to check out and in the "NOTES" section fill in your desired products. (Be sure to include if it's tagger or scrapper size.) And then pay for your selections.


Here is an example of the page where you add your desired products:

****Combining coupons is allowed...(if you want 25 products you can use a combination of two coupons).

***One $5.00 purchase will also qualify you to participate in the Christmas Lottery. Details are…

News from Tagger Scraps

Hey folks,

Lets start the day out with some good news!!!!!

Check out the store site for more details!

While there be sure to check out the just released New Years Bash Collaboration kit.

9 designers
Elements 367
Papers 63

A Closer look!

Check out this great collaboration here:

Holly Jolly Christmas Kit and Two Tutorials

Evening folks,

I have another new kit ready for you tonight and two new tag tutorials.

The kit is a traditional look at Christmas in reds and greens and golds perfect for
romantic or girly, girl layouts or tags. Lots of ruffles, ribbons, flowers, and bows in this one.

Both Scrapper and Tagger size is available. Kit is available in some of my stores right now! (Kits are not available yet in some stores...I'm working on

Kit includes:
8 Papers
1 Beads
4 Borders
7 Bows
5 Flowers
1 Flower Bunch
6 Frames
1 Holly
2 Ornaments
6 Ribbons
1 Santa
1 Sleigh
2 Stockings
3 Tags
2 Trees
3 Frame/Picture Wraps

I also have two new signature tag tutorials for you tonight.

The first is called "Peace on Earth" and uses my new "Winter Glitz" kit.

The second is called "Snowball" and uses my "In The Meadow" kit.

You can find the tutorials here:

And both kits are available at my store here:


Christmas Around the World Blog Train and a New Kit

Hey folks,

I have a new kit for you tonight. This one is called 'Winter Glitz'. It sparkles. It shines. And best of all it can be used even after Christmas as a winter themed kit too. It also matches the color pallet of the blog train that is taking off tonight!

Kits are available in my blog store starting tonight and will go into my other stores tomorrow. Scrapper and Tagger sizes are both available.

Kit includes:
10 Papers
1 Border
11 Bows
2 Brads
4 Cards
1 Corner
4 Envelopes
2 Flowers
2 Frames
4 Gifts
5 Gift Bows
1 Heart
5 Ornaments
6 Ribbons
6 Rick Rack
3 Snowflakes
1 Snowman
4 Stars
6 Tags
3 Trees
2 Wreaths

You can find this kit in my store here:

Another Christmas blog train has started down the tracks to bring you lots of free goodies tonight. There are over 100 designers on this train so clean up your hard drives and start snagging!

So jump aboard the 'Christmas Around the World Blog Train' and snag away!

My part of the blog train was made using …

Christmas Lottery and a few Freebies

Hey, hey folks from now until Christmas I am going to be running a Christmas Lottery for those of you that shop in my store for my products.

This is how it will work. You will receive a lottery ticket each time you shop and spend $5.00 or more. If you spend $10.00 you get two tickets, $15.00 you get three, etc. This will be for each time you shop between December 9th and December 23rd. So if you spend $10 tomorrow and $15 on the 23rd you will have a total of 5 lottery tickets.

On Christmas Eve morning all the lottery tickets will be thrown into a hat and I will have my youngest draw out three winners.

***1st place will win a 6 month membership***
(with the membership you receive every new kit I make during that 6 months...a $45 value)

***2nd place will win any 5 kits from my store that you want***
(a $15 to $25 value depending on the kits)

***3rd place will win any 2 kits from my store that you want***
(a $6 to $10 value depending on the kits)

Qualifying orders for the lottery must be made…

New Sig Tag Tutorial and a Freebie

Evening folks!

Hope everyone is staying good and warm wherever you are. Seems we are having an early winter here in West I got up to a temp of 17 degrees this morning and we've had snow on and off all day. Just enough to mess up the roads and keep you But tonight we are supposed to get a few inches of the white stuff which should make my youngest happy! It does tend to put you in the Christmas mood though, so I won't complain...yet! lol

Anyways, I've spent the day working on a few different projects today and I have a new sig tag tutorial for you tonight. I also have a new freebie for you!

The sig tag tutorial is made using Anthony Guerra's brand new release "Ginger-Belle". When I saw it this morning I just had to have it! She is a red head Scrap kit used it my "In the Meadow" kit. You can snag it in my store. Hope you guys like it and if you have any problems with the tut, just email me.

You ca…

Beary Christmas Kits, Tutorials and a Freebie

Evening folks,

I finally got a new kit finished today. I think the blog train kits burned me out just a So, I went a different route with this kit and used the beautiful clip art of Whimsy Primsy to make it. I love the way it turned out and have already made two signature tag tutorials with it. I can't wait to do a few layouts too.

This kit has cute fun Christmas colors and unlimited possibilities for both scrappers and taggers. Kit includes a whooping 35 papers, and lots
of frames, bows, and Christmas decorations.

It is only available in my blog store at this time. It comes in both scrapper and tagger sizes.

QueenBrat's Blog Store

Kit includes:
35 Papers
5 Bears
20 Bows
4 Flowers
10 Frames
4 Christmas Gifts
8 Ornaments
5 Snowflakes
2 Stockings
4 Trees
5 Word Art

Here are the two tutorials I have written. I have an idea for another one and will try my best to finish it up this evening.

This one is called 'Define Naughty'.

This one is called 'I Won't Tell'.