Friday, June 27, 2008

Mellow Moments

I'm now releasing the FULL size and TAGGERS size kits of Mellow Moments. This kit was an exclusive at Do It Digi last week.

Kits are identical except for the size and dpi. Full size kit papers are 12x12 300dpi and the taggers size is 700x700 72dpi. Elements match accordingly in size and dpi.

Kit includes:

12 Papers
5 Torn Papers
3 Beaded Strings
5 Beaded Dangles
1 Beaded Swirls
1 Beaded Frame
2 Beaded Strings
2 Belts
3 Binder Clips
8 Bows
2 Brooms
4 Butterflies
7 Buttons
3 Fasteners
7 Flowers
8 Frames
4 Frame Wraps
6 Ribbons
5 Satin Ribbons
2 Tied Ribbons

Grab your kit here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am really having a hard time to pass up your kits!!!!! Oh well, guess I won't!!! This is just fabulous! On my way to paypal! Hugs, Deb P