Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Father of the Year Scrap Kit and a freebie

Evening folks,

Anyone ready for a new kit? How about one for Dad or that other special man in your life? Just doesn't seem to be many out there for the men so I finished up this one and have a few more in the works. I included some goodies in this one for Father's Day hence the title, but will also work well with other manly layouts as you can see below.

The fisherman in this pic is my oldest son, Freddy, who is now He was about ready to shoot me over this one and said, "Mom, that's the kind of thing that comes back and haunts you when you go into politics" I think he's cute! So he's now on my blog and staying here.

Okay, so now for the kit....and please keep reading cause there is a freebie at the end.

First the elements. All masculine hues and I did include a few non-frilly bows since I put bows on all manly

Lots of papers......18 in total and 6 dedicated just for "DAD".
Remember you can click on any of the previews for a larger view.

Okay, in total this kit is over 225mb.
It includes:

18 papers
7 border belts
5 ripped papers
5 torn papers
11 Bows
18 Ribbons
5 Brads
7 Buckles
12 Buttons
1 Fastener
1 Gold Fish element
1 Gold Fishing rod element
4 Folded Ribbons
13 Frames
3 Frame Wraps
1 Gold Fishing Hooks element
1 Laced Ribbon
5 Medals
2 Metallic Buckles
5 Mini Buckles
5 Paper Clips
8 Pinch Clips
5 Tags

Grab your kit here.

And now tonights freebie!

Freebie includes ONLY the frame. Background papers are not included.

Link has now expired

Leave me some love! and have a great night!


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Keryn said...

Thankyou for this frame. I have been looking for something to scrap a photo of Dad & this should be perfect.