Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Resizing PSP Script

Are you a tagger or prefer smaller digital layouts? Do you find the full size scrappers kits appealing but hesitate purchasing because of the large sized files? Do you lose the clarity and crispness of your files when resizing for your projects?

Then I have a goodie for you PSP users today!

I have written two scripts that will do the resizing for you without losing the crispness or clarity of your full size original file.

The first script will resize your papers from 12x12 300dpi to a 700x700 72dpi tagger size.

The second script will resize any element to 35% of its original size.

The scripts are perfect for resizing an entire kit to tagger size very quickly by using the batch option in PSP or you can resize a single file at a time.

Install directions are included in the zip.

Enlarge the preview below to see the full crispness of the resized items.

Price is $4.00 for both scripts.

You can buy it in any of my stores or here on my blog by clicking the PayPal link below.

Grab your script here.

Off to football practice! Orders will be filled after 9pm tonight.


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