Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Personal Store Closing!

Grab my CU items, templates, PSP Scripts, etc...before they are gone forever!! My personal store will be closing on May 31st.



Angela Hobbs said...

Thank you for letting us all know... sorry you are closing.
Do you mind if I ask why you decided to close your personal store.

Renee' aka QueenBrat said...

The store has seen little business since I re-opened it. I hate not being able to offer my CU products, but my time is so limited now that I have my granddaughter to raise.

Angela Hobbs said...

I understand, I am feeling the same way kinda, I spent a lot of time creating my store(s) and also see little business, and Etsy, and a few other markets I sell on, cost too much in fees... but I chug on... Good luck with your Grand Daughter.... that is a good thing.