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There seems to be some debate over the continued use of the bear scripts and elements that I sold that belonged to CS Greene. I really don't want this to become a "community" debate regarding the bear scripts and bears in the kits, element packs, and grab bag that I sold. While Ms. Greene did not directly add in her TOU that you can no longer use her images, she has stated they cannot be used for commercial usage. This does mean that they can no longer be used in your commercial use kits, etc. This does mean that if you have them in your commercial use kits they must be removed. On top of that there is a clause in my own TOU that allows for changes.

(I reserve the right to modify any or all of my terms at my own discretion.)

I put this clause in just for purposes like this. So while I cannot make anyone get rid of the scripts and bears, I can change my TOU to not allow Commercial usage on any of them anymore.

What the other designers do in regards to the products they sold using Ms. Greene's images is up to them.

Commercial usage on the following is now revoked. Personal use only now applies. Freebies CANNOT be made and given away without the altering of the final product so that it is "YOUR" creation and not mine or Ms. Greene's.

1. Camo Teddy Bear Script
2. Baby Bear Script
3. Girl Teddy Bear Script
4. Boy Teddy Bear Script
5. Valentine Love Bear Scripts
6. Birthstone Teddy Bears
7. Baby Teddy Bears Freebie Pack
8. All bears in the Valentine Grab Bag

I will also add that anyone that does not state that they will delete and not use the bear scripts and elements of Ms. Greene's image, is NOT eligible for the replacement scripts and bear element packages.

I really hate to go this far with this, but I did ask nicely that everyone delete the scripts and elements and I would replace them with new bears that you can use. I will now consider it a TOU violation if the bears are in any commercial kits, element packs, etc. This violation will also be reported to Ms. Greene as she holds the copyrights on said image.



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