Saturday, September 13, 2008


Hey folks!

I've got some great news! I found a website that allows you to set up your products in a store atmosphere instead of them being scattered all over my blog. I know it's a pain to hunt for the I've been busily adding all my kits and elements this morning and I think I have finally got it ready for you guys.

This will make things so much more organized and easier for you to find the kits and things you may want. Payment is through PayPal or by credit card just like before.

I've also decided to retire 12 of my older kits. They are all marked down to $1.00 each so grab them now. They will be gone from my blog and my other stores on Friday, Sept. 19th.

Kit prices are also more uniform now. Scrappers kits are $4.00 and Taggers kits are $3.00, except for the Moment of Romance Series. Since each of these kits are so much larger they are priced $5.00 for the Scrappers and $4.00 for the Taggers. Designer elements and PSP scripts range in price from $2.00-$4.00. NOTHING IN THE STORE IS OVER $5.00!!!!

You can view my own little store here:

And here is what you can find in the store today:

Have a great evening all! I'm off to pick up the little one from football practice and then finish up this weeks FREE kit for the Stone Accent Studio Designer contest.


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