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This is my son, Charles "Freddy" Kinser. Freddy battled ulcerative cholitis and sclerosing cholangitis since 2002. He had a colectomy several years ago to remove his colon which had become cancerous and did quite well until November of 2013. In November he started going into liver failure do to the sclerosing cholangitis that had developed as a result of the ulcerative cholitis. His doctors treated him with a stint in the bile ducts of the liver and began preparing him for a liver transplant. The stint worked well until April of this year. My son fell ill around the 13th of April and declined rapidly. He passed away at the University of Kentucky of liver failure on May 5, 2014 at the age of 30.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

An American Christmas Has Been Released With a Freebie

Deck the halls in Red, White, and Blue with this American Christmas kit. This kit features all of your favorite Christmas items in the colors and pattern of the flag of the United States. Includes a wide variety of rich velvet and glitter papers and elements.
This is the perfect kit for those of you with loved ones in the military or true patriots at heart.

Kit includes:
18 Papers
10 Bows
4 Poinsettias
12 Frames
4 Gifts
4 Letters w/envelopes
3 Light strands
1 Angel
1 Black Boot
1 Candle Arrangement
1 Candy Cane
1 Candy Cane Group
1 Dog Tags
2 Christmas Cards
1 Envelope
1 Santa Hat
1 Glitter Flag
1 Ornament Hook
1 Ornament Border
1 Pine Border
1 Santa
1 Snowman
1 Uncle Sam Bear
1 Uncle Sam Hat
1 Flag on Pole
4 Star Ornaments
6 Round Ornaments
4 Heart Paper Clips
10 Ribbons
4 Sequin Strings
4 Sequin Splashes
4 Loose Sequins
4 Beaded Velvet Stars
4 Barb Wire Stars
4 Stockings
4 Glitter Trees
1 Green Tree
1 White Tree

Here is a little freebie for you from the "An American Christmas" kit...

Frame Cluster measures: 2771x2518px and is 300dpi.
Personal Use Only!

You can snag yours here.

Password is: THANKS 
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