Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I See Vampires Released

Taking a bite out of the latest rage 'I See Vampires' is dedicated to
those fang bearing un-dead creatures that haunt the night. This kit has everything needed for those haunting layouts and tags for Halloween and Vampire lovers of all ages. Done in deep red and black with just a touch of sparkle and femininity, this is a must have for your collection! Kit also includes three 'fangalicious' posers by Medievilcreations.

Kit contents:
12 Papers
2 Barb Wire Borders
2 Barb Wire Frames
1 Barb Wire Heart
3 Bats
1 Blood Border
1 Blood Drip
1 Blood Droplet
2 Blood Splatters
1 Boot
4 Bows
4 Candles
1 Cemetery Gate
2 Coffins
5 Crosses
1 Dark Cherub
1 Drape
4 Frames
1 Full Moon
1 Glass of Blood
3 Grave stones
1 Haunted House
1 Lipstick
3 Vampire Posers
1 Old Fence
4 Ribbons
2 Rosary Beads
2 Roses
2 Sequin Splatters
2 Shoes
3 Skulls
1 Spider
2 Spider Webs
1 Spooky Tree
2 Strings
1 Vampire Teeth
2 Thorns
1 Wooden Stake
1 Vampire Word Art

Get yours today!

1 comment:

Rosie said...

I know so many wonderful digi artists, that I can't possibly buy everything they create. So, to remain within my restricted budget, I now buy scrap kits with Medi's custom Cookies, because they are so unique, and the kit gives me everything I need to use with those custom Cookie. Why custom Cookies? Because I have all Medi's Cookies at TKO already. lol.I do love your vampire kit, but I have those Cookies already.
(I'm a bit of a Medi-Addict.)

I do love the way you use deep rich colors. I may have to buy this kit, just because of the colors you've used.