Monday, September 26, 2011

Halloween PSP Script Bundle Now Available!

Want a great deal on some Halloween PSP Scripts? Then you need to grab this awesome deal while it last! You get 28 Halloween themed scripts for one low price. This is a $94 value if purchased separately! Purchase today for $25!

Included in the bundle are:
Carmal Apple
Conner Kitty
Ghost Lights
Giggling Ghosts
Jack O lantern 1&2
Jack O lantern Glow 1&2
Pitch Fork/Trident
Pumpkin Lights
Pumpkin 1&2
Pumpkin Patch 1&2
Pumpkin Patch Frame
Scarecrow Gal
Spider Lights
Witches Brew
Toby Teddy Batty
Toby Teddy Frankie
Toby Teddy Ghostie-Reaper
Toby Teddy Lil Devil
Toby Teddy Pumpkin
Toby Teddy Scarecrow
Toby Teddy Vampire
Toby Teddy Witchie

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