Friday, February 19, 2010

Lots of New Scripts!

Happy Sunny Saturday!!! Yep, no snow for us this weekend and we have sunshine! Been a few weeks since we've seen the sun any boy have I missed it☺ I'm very much looking forward to the start of spring around here, so I'm thinking spring with my designing....St. Patty's Day and Easter!

I have several brand new scripts for you today and several that have been revamped and have now replaced the older versions. Scripts are available in all of my stores. Pick your favorite store and happy shopping☺

First the new ones:

Now where did this come from???? I forgot to release this one and found it in my folder. I thought I would go ahead and release it as you can always make a "LOVE" house for wedding and romantic kits also☺

And here are the revamped scripts. I have replaced the old scripts in all of my stores so if you make a purchase now you get the updated versions☺

(You now have a choice of chocolate make your favorite: white, milk or dark.)

(All of the eggs have been cleaned up a bit and are now more 3D.)

(A second script has been added just for making eggs with your papers.)

Also, new sections have been added to my personal store.

All St. Patty's Day items may be found here:

Easter PSP Scripts may be found here:

Have a great day all!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Special - One Day Only!

♥Happy Valentine's Day♥

Hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed day with the one that you ♥love♥. And if they haven't bought you a pressie yet, tell them to buy you SCRAPS☺

Here are my specials for today, including a new kit release. Hope you find something you like.

Free Grab Bag With Any Purchase

Make any purchase in my personal store today only, Sunday, February 14th, and receive my 2010 Valentine's Day Grab Bag for FREE.

Truly, Madly, Deeply

A step away from traditional Valentine's Day kits with hues of mauve, coral, turquoise, and black. This kit is
versatile enough to be used after Valentine's Day in your love, grunge, and teen tags and layouts. Kit is filled with lots of girly things.

Kit includes:
10 Papers
8 Bows
4 Buttons
1 Clip
4 Flowers
5 Frames
1 Hanging Heart
6 Hearts
1 Journal
4 Locked Hearts
1 Key
1 Love Letter
3 Markers
3 Note Pads
4 Ribbons
4 Ribbon hearts
4 Rick Rack
4 Strings
4 Swirls
5 Tags
3 Tied Hearts

Last Chance To Purchase

A bundle of 8 Valentine themed kits. All kits are
personal use only. Scrapper and Tagger sizes available. A $21.00
value for only $7.00.

-Kits included are:
-A Funky Kind of Love
-With Love
-Bugs N Kisses
-For the Love of Pink
-Go Red for Women
-A Softer Look at Love
-He Loves Me Too

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Additions to Love Is In The Air

Hey folks,

I got to playing with my Starving Artist "Love Is In The Air" kit yesterday and made some
quick pages and brag book pages. I have added these to the kit so when you purchase the kit you will now get these for free through February 28th. You do not have to add these to your cart. Download links will be provided with your order of the kit.

The quick pages are with the scrapper size version and the brag book pages are with the tagger size version. The price of the kit remains the same...$3.00 for scrapper and $2.00 for the tagger.

These four quick pages are now included with your purchase of the scrapper sized version of "Love is in the Air". You can pick up the kit here or in one of my other participating stores.
Pages are 3600x3600px and 300dpi.

These four brag book pages are now included with your purchase of the tagger sized version of "Love is in the Air". You can pick up the kit here or in one of my other participating stores.
Pages are 900x900px and 300dpi.

And here is a preview of the full "Love Is In The Air" kit.

Kit includes:
15 Papers
1 Arrow Bag
1 Arrows
6 Balloons
4 Borders
14 Bows
2 Valentine Bunnies
4 Butterflies
5 Butterfly Ribbons
5 Buttons
3 Clouds
2 Cupids
2 Cupid Bears
1 Cupid's Bow
5 Lace Doilies
6 Flowers
2 Folded Ribbons
15 Frames
6 Hearts
5 Heart Strings
3 Posers
10 Ribbons
2 Ribbon Hearts
5 Rick Rack
5 Swirls
2 Winged Hearts
4-26 Piece Alphas

Check it out today!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Tutorial Blog Now Open

Hey folks!

Well I finally did a job that needed done...I've opened a blog just for all the tag tutorials :) Please bookmark the new blog so you will know where to find the new tutorials.

The tutorials posted on my new blog will be ones by me and my two fantastic CT's along with any other tutorials that people may write using my kits.

I have five new tutorials for you today. There is one from Tonya, one from Stayyseee, and three from me. I hope you find a couple that you want to try :)

Happy Tagging Everyone!


Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Kits and a Free Kit

Hey folks!

Anyone ready for some new goodies? How about a free one? I've got them for you tonight :)

First are two new PTU scrap kits. Both are Valentine/Love themed, but versatile enough you can use them throughout the year for your romantic layouts and tags. Both kits include beautiful posers so no other purchase is needed for your tags.

Scrapper and Tagger sized kits are available. Scrapper kits are exclusive to my personal store at:
Tagger kits may be purchased at my personal store right now and in all of my stores later today.

I also have a special freebie for you tonight. Keep reading to find it :)

Snow In Love With You

A winter themed Valentine's Day/Love kit. This kit combines the sparkle and snowflakes of winter with the rich reds and romance associated with Valentine's Day and Love.
Kit includes lots of romantic ribbons, bows, flowers and frames all with the hint of winter. Posers included are by Sophisticated Scraps

Kit includes:
12 Papers
5 Bows
4 Brads
4 Buttons
3 Cards
4 Curled Ribbons
5 Flowers
6 Frames
2 Frame Clusters
4 Hearts
4 Heart Clips
3 Ink Pens
5 Knotted Ribbons
4 Lace Ribbons
4 Lace Hearts
1 Notepad
2 Penguins
2 Folded Ribbons
8 Satin Ropes
1 Sign Post
6 Snowflakes
4 Snowmen
6 Posers
2 Trees
1 Valentine House
3 Frame/Picture Wraps

Berry Much In Love

An adorable Valentine/Love themed kit in hues of raspberry and chocolate. Lots of goodies to work with in this kit: bows, ribbons, strings, frames, hearts, flowers, balloons, and even a little house of Love. Posers included are by MediEvil Creations.

Kit includes:
15 Papers
1 Balloon Bunch
2 Bears
10 Bows
6 Butterflies
5 Buttons
1 Box of Candy
4 Clips
1 Fence
5 Flowers
6 Frames
5 Glass Hearts
1 Grass
2 Ribbon Wrapped Hearts
3 Heart Boxes
1 Journal
2 Lady Bugs
3 Markers
6 Posers
4 Paper Hearts
10 Ribbons
5 Rick Rack
5 Ropes
5 Roses
5 Sequin Strings
5 Strings
1 Tag
1 Tree

And now for the special freebie...

First, here is a snaggable tag for all of you COLTS fans out there. Click on the tag so that you can save it at it's full size dimensions. I do ask that you not alter the tag in anyway and please DO NOT snag it and add names to it. If you like the tag keep reading for the rest of the freebie...

For all you tagging and scrapping COLTS fans here is a free mini kit for you. We are die hard fans in my house and will be enjoying the big bowl game this Sunday as the Colts bring home another Super Bowl win! And before you Saints fans leave me unfriendly comments because I don't have a kit for you also.....well....let's just leave it that I am true to my team and in good conscious I couldn't make a kit supporting the opposition.

All rules of my TOU apply.
This kit is strictly for PERSONAL USE.
No monetary gain can be made with this kit.



Have a great weekend all!