Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lots of Information

Morning folks,

Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays! The kids and I have enjoyed ours so far. We actually get an extra holiday in our family on the 1st. My oldest son was the New Years Baby here in Logan 25 years ago...lol. Hard to believe that I have been a 'MOM' now for 25 years!

Here is a layout I made using my "Ringing in the New Year" kit and some pictures that the local newspaper took of my New Year's Baby...lol.

My doctor, Dr. Pimpa, is the one in the white jacket. She's one of few doctors still in our area after all these years and she's still delivering babies.

Align Center

So while you all eat your cabbage and black eyed peas....we will be having birthday cake!!!!! My son's favorite is a cake I make called "Pig Pickin'". It uses a butter cake with mandarin oranges and an icing of cool whip, crushed pineapples, and instant vanilla pudding.. No dieting in my house allowed on the 1st....lol.

Okay, so now to all the news.

Christmas Blog Train Freebies! For all those leaving me nasty comments about the freebies being removed...shame on you! These were freebies and were there for a few weeks before they were removed. No links were removed until about 10pm on the 28th. This was three days after Christmas. I gave away more kits and freebies at Christmas than any other designer that I know, and receiving nasty comments because you missed them is just not right. If you had dropped me a polite note, I would have sent you the link. Since so many have acted so desperate to get what I put on the blog as Christmas pressies, I have now placed them in my store. There is a small price to cover my time in sending you the links now.

And I will say that the behavior of the few reflect on the many and not in a positive manner. While I love participating in blog trains and giving away freebies, I may cut back on them. Let me show you why.

These are the statistics from the 5 blog trains that I participated in for Christmas. The first number is the number of downloads. The second number is the amount of people that took the time to say 'thank you'.

Christmas Convoy
Scrappers 809-32
Taggers 510-23

Taggers Scraps
Scrappers 251-9
Taggers 345-20

Winter Wonderland
Scrappers 508-21
Taggers 440-23

Christmas Around the World
Scrappers 594-27

Holly Jolly Christmas
Scrappers 434-23

That's a total of 178 comments left out of hundreds and hundreds of people. All I can say is....where are the manners?

Okay, enough of that. If you want the Christmas goodies they are in my store.

On to a more positive topic...

I am looking for CT's and Sig Tag tutorial writers to add to my Creative Team.
I do prefer those with experience that are willing to showcase the scrap kit. In return for the tutorial and/or layouts, you will receive the kit for free. If you are interested, please, email me and include:

CT Layouts
---galleries where you post your layouts
---creative teams you are on
---your blog

Sig Tag Tut Writers
---your website/blog where you post your tutorials
---examples of your best tutorials
---a list of groups that you post your tutorials in

I also wanted to show you guys two tutorials that were written using my "Ringing in the New Year" kit.

You can find this tutorial at Rose's MSN group here:

You can find the tutorial at Rose's MSN group here:

Enjoy your day and enjoy the tutorials if you decide to try them out.
I think Rose did a wonderful job on them!



Franny said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the Top Cat Freebies List today!

Franny said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the Top Cat Freebies List today!

Franny said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the Top Cat Freebies List today!