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This is my son, Charles "Freddy" Kinser. Freddy battled ulcerative cholitis and sclerosing cholangitis since 2002. He had a colectomy several years ago to remove his colon which had become cancerous and did quite well until November of 2013. In November he started going into liver failure do to the sclerosing cholangitis that had developed as a result of the ulcerative cholitis. His doctors treated him with a stint in the bile ducts of the liver and began preparing him for a liver transplant. The stint worked well until April of this year. My son fell ill around the 13th of April and declined rapidly. He passed away at the University of Kentucky of liver failure on May 5, 2014 at the age of 30.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Products At QueenBrat Designs

New FREE with purchase gifts have been added to my store today.
Lipstick Kisses
CU Designers Grab Bag
Cosmetic and Hair Care Element Pack
Lipstick Kisses
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CU Designers Grab Bag
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Cosmetic and Hair Care
Element Pack
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New Products
Wooden Frames Seashells Pack Push Pins
Loving Chickens Lipstick Kisses Jeweled Overlays
IPod Pack Heart Overlays Cosmetic and Hair Care Element Pack
Coffee Stains Chocolate Cakes Love U 4-ever Scrapper
Round Lace Frame Script Metal Heart Paper Clip Script Metal Filled Heart Paper Clip Script
Leather Patch Script Delicate Lace Heart Script Dangle Heart Chain Script
Bottle Cap Script Cupid's Cutie Scrapper Mi Amor Scrapper
Wild About You Scrapper

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