Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Script and Sales

Hey folks!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. We've finally got some sunshine here and the kids all took off giving me the house to myself. Wooooohoooooo! Maybe I can finally get those kits finished up today.

In the meantime, I do have another new script for you and wanted to tell you about the sales going on.

Also, please note that my tagger kits have been added back to my stores and most are at permanently reduced prices. This decision came after considerable thought on the matter and I honestly didn't like the idea of punishing the entire tagging community over the petty behavior of a few. I know some folks computers simply can't handle a full size kit. So the tagger kits are back!!!

Okay, so on to the new script.

Toby Teddy Lady Liberty

This script will make 1 2400x3600 pixel Lady Liberty teddy bear. You can use colors, gradients, or patterns as your fills. Scripts were tested in PSP 9 and up. Commercial use is allowed.
EYECANDY 3.1 for After Effects is needed for this script.

Free demo download of Eyecandy 3.1 for After Effects is available here:

And my ongoing sales!!!!!

I currently have a 30% off sale in each of these stores. There are lots of other sales going on in these stores by most of the designers including a "dollar days" sale at Treasured Scraps. Be sure to check out the great deals that are being offered!

My sales include all new merchandise and reduced kits to give you even more extra savings!


Have a great weekend all and expect new kits as soon as!


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Soaring Hawk said...

I couldn't find any other place to leave you a msg. I love your blog, making it a point to check out your scripts, love 'em! I grabbed your blinkie & linked you to my blog. Feel free to do the same!