Friday, May 22, 2009

Quick Note

I'm out of town until Monday evening visiting family. I did manage to grab my Aunt's computer long enough to check on messages and such. I really appreciate everyone's support and I'm flattered by all the sweet comments that have been left about the kits.

I do ask one more thing of you...please don't upload these kits and re-share them. If you would like to share them with groups and family send them to my blog and let them use the files that I uploaded for you. There were three links brought to my attention that were not working properly. I have fixed those. They were:
Land of the Free
Written in the Stars

You guys have a great weekend and drive safely if you are traveling!



DawnC said...

Hi hun, there is one more link that when you go to save says the link is bad.

I read your out of town I'm so happy for you, to get away from nastyness. I have always loved your kits i have a couple of the small ones from UYA group back in MSN group days. I just didn't have enough pennies to buy your fantastic scraps. I'm so sorry about the crap all of you scrap kit makers have to put up with from people like that. yes I went to your other let off the steam blog. Not the first time that bunch has created bad things of desent people. Keep your head up and please don't let people like those underhanded A--holes get you down. Love all of your Work.

stellarfairie designs said...

fantastic scraps thank you for making the list of freebies for those of us who haven't been able to buy any in awhile...I wasn't able to download Lucky Taggers but i'm happy to get all the other wonderful scraps. Thank you very much