Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Blog Party Train is about to take off!

Hey folks!!

First let me thank you all for your comments and votes for my kit at the SAS-y Lady Design competition at Stone Accent Studio. I'm running about 6th place, which is a little disheartening to me because only the top 3 get a spot in the store. So, I will ask ever so nice that you please, please go cast your vote for me.....lol. It would really mean a lot to me to be one of the top three. You can vote here. And be sure to snag this weeks FREE kit here.

Here is another peek at my kit for this week.

If you think it's any good, please cast your vote for me. And even if you think it sucks I would still like to have your votes.....lol!!!

Okay, on to some important news!!!

I hope your hard drives are cleared out because we have a HUGE blog party rolling into town!!!
70!!! Yes, 70 designers have been collaborating since early July on a gorgeous freebie kit called Fall Splendor!!

These folks come from all different time zones, all over the world, so if their part isn't posted yet,
please be patient and keep checking back! Links will be available until Halloween so there is lots of time to download yourselves silly!!

So... grab some coffee, tea, soda or whatever floats your boat and let's PARTY!!!!

Please leave these amazing people some love for all their hard work! They sure do deserve it! :D

OK, here's what I have for everyone!! After you have snagged my part click the Blog Train logo below to take you to the official blog site for the other links.

Links have expired.

Blog Party Central

Enjoy all the goodies!!! And please remember to show some love to the designers.

Goodnight all!


Freebie Word Art

Hey folks! Good Morning!

Well I finally collapsed about 9pm last night and missed the opening of the voting over Stone Accent Studios...lol. I did manage to sleep 8 hours though so I'm feeling a bit better today.

I do have another matching goodie for you today that goes with the "Written in the Stars" kit that is this weeks entry into the contest. I hope you find use for it.

Below you will find a completed LO using yesterday's add-on and today's add-on and some bits and pieces from the kit. There are lots of other possibilities with this kit, so be sure to go snag the entire thing over at SAS here.

While you there I hope that you will take the time to cast your vote for me. You can vote here. Be sure you log in first or you won't be able to see the poll, just the results.

Here's another little peek at this weeks kit!

And now today's freebie!

Today's word art is three Scrapper sized 300dpi png files. I added a slight glow and drop shadow for the preview but there is none on the word art files. Hope you find use for them!

Link has now expired.

Have a great day all and remember...vote, vote, vote!


Monday, September 29, 2008

Week 4 SAS-y Designer Contest and a Freebie

Good morning folks!!!

Today begins round four in the Stone Accent Studio Designers Contest. Everyone should have their kits posted by 6pm CST tonight and the voting will start soon after. From what I have seen there are some beautiful kits in this weeks competition! Be sure to go visit and snag them here! They are all FREE until the contest ends. Also, you might want to check out weeks 1-3 and snag any you don't have. The links should still be good through the end of the contest.

I do hope you will each go vote for me this week if you choose to download my kit. Only the top three win a spot in the Stone Accent Studio Store. So if you like my kits, please cast your vote for me :0)

And now I have a sneak peek of my kit for you. I will be posting the links over at Stone Accent just as soon as they have completed uploading.

I also have a freebie LO for you this morning from my new kit.

The kit is called "Written in the Stars" and you can guess it...it's a star themed kit. Kit included lots of sparkle and glitter with a rustic feel and a hint of romance. Sixteen papers, frayed and folded papers, and lots of elements fill this kit to complete your layouts.

Kit also includes 3 all cap glitter alphas.

Kit is now available in my store at: http://queenbratdesigns.ecrater.com/

And here is your first add-on to go with this kit. I will try to post a new add-on each day this week, so please check back.

The layout is 3600x3600 and 300 dpi.

Link has now expired.

Have a great day all. I will be back later with my links to the kit and this weeks voting link.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Freebies, PSP Scripts, and Announcements

Hey, Hey Folks!!!

First and most importantly I want to thank everyone who has been supporting me in the Stone Accent Studio Designer Contest. Your votes have moved me into the final round next week!! This means another free kit from me for you guys!!! Yeaaaaaaaaaaa! I really can't thank all of you enough. Knowing that you like my designs means the world to me! Big Muuuuuuuaaaaws, Hugggggggs, and Thank you's to each of you!!!!

Okay, sappy moment over....lol. On to more good news for you guys!

Starting on October 1st I will be participating in another blog train. This one has more than 60 designers offering free kits/goodies all done with a matching color pallet. Talk about one huge mega kit!!! Clean off some room on your harddrives and get ready to snag!

Here is a hint of the color pallet used for our kits.

Stay tuned for further details coming on September 30th!

And now its time for a little business..lol. I've written a few more PSP scripts to make life easier for the designers. You have your choice of using papers, color fill, or gradients with each of these scripts.

The first two are flower scripts. One makes a lovely flower button and the second makes a glitter edged flower.

The last two scripts are geared toward time saving when making your kits. The first will make your Rick Rack Ribbons and the second will make a windowblind style ribbon. Each are 3600 pixels wide and suitable for full size scrapper kits.

You can snag the scripts from my store blog:

And now some freebies! Gonna post them tonight because I will be busy this weekend preparing the final kit for the Stone Accent Studio contest. I will try to have some more freebies for you though, so please visit and check for them.

First are a couple of quick page layouts made with my new Autumn Splendor kit.

Pictured in the layout are my two best friends in the world....Adam the mad Scotsman and Shona the evil Canadian.....lol.

And here is the plan LO ready for you to drop in your pics and add your favorite quote.

Quick Page Layout 2 is also from the Autumn Splendor kit.
Pictured in this layout is my baby girl and her hubby to be......yep, we are planning a Christmas wedding...lol!!!

And again, the plain LO ready for your pics and quote.

And last are some button flowers that will match the Autumn Splendor kit.
These are scrapper size, so taggers will need to re-size them.
If you haven't purchased the "Autumn Splendor" kit, it is available in my blog store here.

You can snag all the freebies below:

Links have now expired.

I'm off to rest my tired bones. That silly alarm will be ringing before I know it..lol.

Have a great night all!!!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Vintage Romance Freebies

Evening folks!

First, let me thank everyone that has went and voted for my kit at Stone Accent Studios. I really appreciate your votes!!! Right now I think I am in 4th place, which I am very thankful for. Everyone's kits this week were just fabulous!

If any of you haven't voted yet you still have until noon tomorrow and I would love it if you would take a few minutes and vote for me. :0)

You can vote for me here.

And don't forget to snag the free "Vintage Romance" kit over at Stone Accent Studios in the Gallery here.

Be sure to check out all of the other beautiful kits while you are there!

As a little treat because I love the vintage kit, I've been playing a little today between projects and made you another quick page layout. I also have a couple of ribbon clusters for you tonight too.

Here is what I did with the layout.

The pic is of my grandma (on the right), who is 93 years young, my great-aunt, Anthie (on the left), whom I was named after, my two aunts, Donna and Ruth, and my Daddy. You can click on it to enlarge it. My granny was a real hottie!! lol

And here is just the plain LO ready for you to complete.

Links have now expired

And here are the ribbon clusters.

Links have now expired

Please remember to vote and have a wonderful night!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Vintage Romance Free Scrap Kit and a Free LO

Hey folks,

I'm back!!!!!!

Voting has finally gotten started in the Stone Accent Studio Designer contest. This is week number 3 and very important. Only 10 designers will go on to week number 4, so if you like my kits please take a minute to vote when you go grab the kit. If you guys vote me into week 4 there will be one more free kit next week......lol......so vote, vote, vote! I'm really enjoying making the freebies for you. Times are tough for all of us and giving something back to you guys is good for my soul!

So anyways, here is the kit I made for this weeks contest.

A vintage kit with the hint of romance. Includes lace, beads, bows, note paper, flowers, ribbons, 18 textured papers, frames, and lots more.

Here are two preview of the elements. I spread them out so you could get a better view of what is included in the kit. You can click on the previews for a larger view.

And for the paper lovers...here is an upclose preview of the papers. This one is also clickable for a better view.

Full kit includes:
18 Papers (textured, folded, and ragged edged)
2 Beaded Strings
3 Binder Clips
3 Borders
6 Bows
2 Butterflies
4 Buttons
3 Cameo Pins
8 Delicate Flowers
1 Flower Cluster
8 Frames
2 Frame Clusters
3 Lace Ribbons
2 Letter Papers
2 Old Letters
2 Post Cards
7 Ribbons
5 Rick Rack
2 Roses
2 Round Papers
2 Scrap Books
2 Stamps
3 Swirls
2 Tags
1 War Bond Stamp
1 War Bond Stamp Book
3 Frame/Picture Wraps

Kit is now available in my store at: http://arkinserdigitaldesigns.com/store/

And as a freebie for you today I have a quick page layout from the Vintage Romance kit. Here you can see what I did with this layout:

My Granny gave me some very old pictures of my Daddy and this was the perfect kit for them. I've also got some other old pics of my Granny, my Poppy, my Great-Granddad Jay, and some other family members that I will be doing layouts of with this kit. I promise to share the blank LO's with you guys!

Here is what today's blank LO looks like:

Link has now expired

Password for the LO is the same as for the kit: THANKS

Have a great day all and please remember to vote for me!


Autumn Splendor

Morning folks,

While we are waiting for the contest to continue at Stone Accent Studios, I thought I would go ahead and release my newest PTU kit called Autumn Splendor. I'm not sure why the delay in the voting opening, but as soon as I hear something I will post the links to this weeks free kit...lol.

Come play in the leaves with this kit! A bright, rustic, romantic look at autumn fills this kit. Includes lots of flowers, leaves, ribbons, bows, beads, and frames. Papers include great textures, patterns, and frayed edges. Kit includes a splash of glitter to set off your photos or tubes.

This is an autumn addition to the Moment of Romance Series.

Kit includes:
25 Papers
1 Autumn Cluster
4 Bead Strings
14 Bows
8 Brads
9 Braided Ribbons
4 Brooms
5 Buttons
9 Curled Ribbons
5 Flowers
2 Flower Groups
1 Flower Pot
9 Frames
3 Hearts
5 Leaves
7 Ribbons
5 Rick Rack
9 Glittered Swirls
1 Word Art
5 Picture/Frame Wraps

You can pick up this new kit in my blog store here.

It is available in both scrapper and tagger sizes.

I'll be back later today with a freebie for this kit and some news about the SAS contest.

Have a great day all!!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Designer Elements

Morning folks,

I had a few people asking about the template that I used to make my castle in the 'Dream Princess' kit, so I thought I would make it available to other designers. I also have two new packs of autumn leaves for you and a new pack of Lace Frames.

Hope someone can find a use for them.

Product Description:
Build your dream castle with this .png format template. Separate .png files for each piece of the castle. Add as many towers as you like. Chose the color and texture to make
your castle any way you want. Commercial use is okay. Please read and follow my TOU.

Package includes:
1-Castle Wall
1-Castle Door
1-Full Pre-made Castle

Available here.

Product Description:
Twelve beautiful ready to use autumn leaves make up this pack. Perfect for use in your autumn, Halloween, or Thanksgiving layouts.
Commercial Use is okay. Please read and follow my TOU.

Package includes:
12 Brightly Colored Leaves

Available here.

Product Description:
Twelve ready to color autumn leaves make up this pack. Perfect for use in your autumn, Halloween, or Thanksgiving layouts.
Commercial Use is okay. Please read and follow my TOU.

Package includes:
12 Gray-scale Leaves

Available here.

Product Description:
Twenty-four beautiful Lace Frames ready to use as is or to recolor.
12 Different styles of frames. Each style comes in white and ivory.
Commercial Use is okay. Please read and follow my TOU.

Package includes:
14-Square Frames
10-Round Frames

Available here.

Don't forget to snag my 'Berry Grungy' kit and place your vote for me at Stone Accent Studio for the Next SAS-y designer. I really appreciate your votes!

Snag 'Berry Grungy' here or here.

Snag 'Berry Grungy' add-on here.

Vote for my kit here.

Have a great day all!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Berry Grungy Update

Hey folks,

I just got a comment about everything being confusing over at SAS and someone not being able to find my free kit. After going and looking to update the link, I discovered the entire gallery for all of the kits seems to be gone.........can ya say ooopsy? So to make sure all of you that want the kit actually get it, I'm posting the links here. When the gallery goes back up I will change them to the current link at SAS.

No point in making a free kit if you guys can't get it......lol.

Also, please, please go cast your vote for the contest part. I'm beginning to think this kit must suck.....lol......cause I've only got 13 votes. So please take a few and vote. Remember that the longer you guys keep me in the contest, the more free kits you will get.....lol.

You can vote here.

And here are the temporary download links for the kit. Remember that I will change them once the gallery link is back up.

Kit is now available in my store at: http://queenbratdesigns.ecrater.com/

Have a great night all. I'm off to try to sleep.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Berry Grungy Extra Elements

Hey, hey folks!

The ballgame ended early so I got home in time to get these Berry Grungy extras uploaded tonight for you. Included are 5 square cardboard frames, 5 round cardboard frames, 5 ribbons, a little blue ladybug, and a glitter tile that you can use to jazz up your wording on your layouts or tags.

Voting has now started so if you haven't voted on the new kits at the SAS-y Designers Contest yet and snagged my new freebie kit, please go over to Stone Accent Studio and do so.

Vote here.

Kit is here.

Link has now expired

Also, don't forget about my retired scraps sale in my store. There are 12 kits retiring on Friday and each one is on sale for $1.00 until then. Grab them up while you can!

My Store

Have a great night all. This tired momma is off to bed!


Berry Grungy Freebie Kit

I'm still participating in the Stone Accent Studio's designer contest. This is week 2 and the voting starts this evening at 6pm CST. I would appreciate everyone's vote if you think my designs are worthy.

This weeks kit is a grungy cardboard kit in beautiful berry colors. Also included is a pre-made Layout, so all you need to do is drop in your photos.

Hope you like it!!!

Kit contains:
20 Papers
1 Beaded String
1 Lacey Border
2 Bows
1 Button
1 Cardboard Heart
1 Cardboard Sign
1 Binder Clip
3 Flowers
1 Decorated Round Frame
1 Square Frame Cluster
1 Beaded Metal Bracket Frame
2 Ribbons
1 Ribbon Cluster
2 Ric Rak
1 Glittered Swirl

Kit is now available in my store at: http://queenbratdesigns.ecrater.com/


Saturday, September 13, 2008


Hey folks!

I've got some great news! I found a website that allows you to set up your products in a store atmosphere instead of them being scattered all over my blog. I know it's a pain to hunt for the kits....lol. I've been busily adding all my kits and elements this morning and I think I have finally got it ready for you guys.

This will make things so much more organized and easier for you to find the kits and things you may want. Payment is through PayPal or by credit card just like before.

I've also decided to retire 12 of my older kits. They are all marked down to $1.00 each so grab them now. They will be gone from my blog and my other stores on Friday, Sept. 19th.

Kit prices are also more uniform now. Scrappers kits are $4.00 and Taggers kits are $3.00, except for the Moment of Romance Series. Since each of these kits are so much larger they are priced $5.00 for the Scrappers and $4.00 for the Taggers. Designer elements and PSP scripts range in price from $2.00-$4.00. NOTHING IN THE STORE IS OVER $5.00!!!!

You can view my own little store here:

And here is what you can find in the store today:

Have a great evening all! I'm off to pick up the little one from football practice and then finish up this weeks FREE kit for the Stone Accent Studio Designer contest.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dream Princess and a Freebie

Hey folks,

First, let me say thanks for all the comments and support over at Stone Accent Studio with the designer contest. I am in the second round.....all the designers will be as there was no elimination this week. So you can expect a new FREE kit from me this weekend...lol. And the color palate they picked to work with is fabulous! I'm sure you guys will like it, too. So be sure to travel by this weekend to snag my free kit and any of the kits the other designers post. It should turn out to be a huge mega kit for you guys.

Now, anyone ready for a new kit? Something that is NOT Halloween or Autumn themed?...lol. Yep, I'm not ready for the leaves to change yet and after this past weekend, I needed something bright and cheerful to work on. (Long story and I can't really go into the details, but this has put a different outlook on the world for me.)

After looking at a Christmas pic of my niece I decided this kit would be perfect to brighten my mood and I hope all of you with daughters/grand daughters/nieces,etc...will agree. I know my daughter fell in love with it.....lol.

A lot of the elements in this one have been hand drawn by me and then colored for the kit. I hope you like them!

The kit is called "Dream Princess" and is done in beautiful purples and pinks. Everything for your little princess is in this one: castles, crowns, scepters, jeweled accents, lots of hearts, and clouds to carry her off to dream land. Elements are accented in glitters and stitching for the perfect blending of elements.

Kit includes:
15 Papers
1 Bead String
2 Jeweled Bling Flowers
7 Bows
2 Bow Ribbons
1 Brad
4 Butterflies
4 Buttons
2 Castles
5 Clouds
1 Cloud Border
2 Crowns
9 Flowers
2 Flower Pots
8 Frames
5 Hearts
2 Journals
4 Cloud Note Papers
1 Pencil
12 Ribbons
6 Ric Rak
2 Scepters
2 Stitching Borders
2 Jeweled Swirls
5 Word Art
2 Frame/Picture Wraps

Kit is available for both Scrappers and Taggers.

Grab your kit here.

And now the freebie!

Here is the inspiration for this kit...my niece Janie. She's truly something else and I love when I get to see her. Janie lives in Virginia with my brother, Bob, his wife, Julie, and my nephew, Luke.

Tonight's freebie is the decorated frame pictured above. Background and picture is NOT included.

Link has now expired

Have a great evening all!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's The Law, Ma'am Freebie LO's

Hey, hey folks! I'm back with the Layouts and gonna get them posted early today. My lil one has a football game tonight, so I gotta get ready and get outta here....lol.

I have three layouts for you from the 'It's the Law, Ma'am' scrap kit......all FREE!

I do ask if you like them to please go vote for me. The longer I stay in the competition, the more freebies for you guys because everything entered is FREE! So, if you like my work please take a few to vote for me at Stone Accent Studios. And if you haven't picked up my kit posted there be sure to snag it before you leave.

You can vote here.

You can download the kit here.
Previews of the full kit can be seen in yesterdays post.

Password for all of the LO's is THANKS


My Dylan at age two in one of his pageant outfits.

Link has now expired!

It's the Law Ma'am using the art of Anjara.
Anjara's art can be purchased at MyPSPTubes.com

Link has now expired

Armed & Dangerous using the art of Anjara.
Anjara's art can be purchased at MyPSPTubes.com

Link has now expired

Each LO is 3600x3600 and 300dpi. Taggers will need to resize them.

Have a great evening all!


Monday, September 8, 2008

It's the Law, Ma'am Kit Freebie

Hey folks,

As I told you a few days ago I have entered the SAS-y lady designer contest at Stone Accent Studio. Each week we will have a design challenge. We then post our kits and you can download them for FREE. They will pick their winners from your votes!

This weeks theme was Our Heroes to commemorate the anniversary of September 11th. My part in the tribute kits is one devoted to our law enforcement officers. Kit includes 10 papers and elements of the equipment of the Law Enforcement trade. Also, includes a uniform cap and badges.

This is a full size scrappers kit.

Here are the previews to the kit:

Kit is now available in my store at: http://queenbratdesigns.ecrater.com/

Have a great day all!


Friday, September 5, 2008

Falling Moments and a freebie

Morning folks!

It's been a long week and I've been working on several projects along with playing Mommy! Yep, school is back in full swing and with my youngest playing football and another going to the local community college this fall, I am keeping some crazy hours! Just this week my youngest had a scrimmage game on Saturday, a JV game on Monday, and his first Varsity game last night. They beat their county rival, Chapmanville (and my alma mater), 22-14 last night and it was an exciting game. Our boys were down 14-6 with 4 minutes left in the game. They scored to tie it up with 2 minutes left. And for the final touch down, they scored on a fumble with a minute left. Like I told my daughter and her man...it ain't over til it's over.....lol.

Here's my little football star in a layout I threw together for his MySpace.

Anyways, I wanted to tell you about one of my projects before I get to the new kit. I am competing for a designers position at Stone Accent Studio this month. Each week we are required to make a kit according to the posted theme/color chart. We then post our kits and everyone gets to vote on them. The top 75% moves on each week. So I will be posting my kit this weekend and I would appreciate it if you guys could go vote on it...but only if you think it's really worth it. All the kits are available for free, so you can snag up some great kits this month.

Okay now for the kit...Falling Moments.

This kit was the featured promo kit at Do It Digi last week and is done in hues of beige and brown to fill this kit for an autumn theme. Kit includes lots of
cardbord for a rugged, rustic feel. Dried autumn leaves and gold accent the kit.

Kit Includes:
12 Papers
1 Bead String
2 Binder Clips
4 Cardboard Borders
8 Bows
4 Bow Ribbons
4 Brads
4 Butterflies
8 Buttons
4 Cardboard Hearts
4 Stapled Cardboard Strips
4 Curled Ribbons
2 Dragonflies
9 Flowers
7 Frames
4 Frayed Edge Mats
4 Heart Ribbons
4 Knotted Ribbons
4 Leaves
12 Ribbons
4 Ric Rak
2 Staples
4 Tags
4 Torn Cardboard Papers
8 Wraps

Grab your kit here.

And now today's freebie!

The layout you see is done as a little tribute to a very special man that we lost 5 years ago today. He will always hold a very special place in my heart and my kids. He's the "what if" in my life and I have so many regrets when it comes to not marrying him before his accident. I miss him so much!

Freebie includes the decorated frame only. Word art and background are not included in the zip.

Link has now expired

Have a great day everyone! I'm off to run some errands this morning.