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It's A Girl Thang

Hey folks,

I finally finished up a new kit for you today. Been working on this one for a few weeks at the request of my daughter. It's young and different from most of my kits, but I hope you can find use for

'It's A Girl Thang' scrap kit is available in both scrapper and tagger size and contains 12 papers, 3 folded papers, and 96 elements that include bows, ribbons, back packs, Ipods, guitars, buttons, frames, and more.

Kit contents:
12 Papers
3 Folded Papers
5 Book Bags
7 Beaded Strings
8 Bows
8 Brads
2 Buckled Ribbons
5 Buttons
2 Fasteners
3 Flowers
3 Folded Ribbons
3 Frames
5 Glasses
3 Guitars
2 Journals
3 Key Chains
3 Paper Clips
2 Pencils
15 Ribbons
5 RicRak
3 Skull Puffed Stickers
3 Tags
3 'Girls Rock!' Puffed Stickers

Introductory Priced at:

Grab your kit here.

Todays freebie is the decorated frame pictured above. It does NOT include the purple background, pic of my daughter, or wordart, but everything else is included.

Link has now expired



Happy Birthday to Me!!

Happy Birthday to me!!! And I'm celebrating with a sale in both of my stores!!!

All taggers kits and designer elements at Tantrum Scraps are marked $1.00 off starting at midnight tonight and lasting through midnight tomorrow night, Wednesday, August 27th!

All of my full size scrapper kits and designer elements are 44% off at Do It Digi Scraps starting at midnight tonight and lasting through midnight tomorrow night, Wednesday, August 27th!
Be sure to use the coupon code QB-44 when you place your order.

And for those that are still about a freebie!?!

Here are 7 matching flowers to my "Rainbow of" series that includes: bows, ribbons, glitters, and swirls.

Link has now expired

Have a great night all and someone get the fire hose ready.......all those candles are gonna burn my house


Summer's End Blog Train

Welcome to the Summer's End blog train. Hop aboard and snag up goodies from 22
fabulous scrap designers and the best part is that they are all FREE! This is just our way of giving back to the scrapping/tagging community that supports our stores and encourages our creativity. Thanks folks!!!

We have all used one color pallet in our kits so you will end up with a huge mega-kit.

Some designers may offer Taggers kits and some may have both Taggers and Scrapper size kits. I do have both sizes available for you. (Taggers kits have papers that are 700x700 and elements that are smaller in size. The kits are 72dpi and are geared toward signature tag makers.)

Please do NOT snag these kits and re-upload them anywhere for downloading. Please share the links to our blogs instead.

Here is my portion of the Mega-kit. Be sure to follow the links to the other blogs to snag up the entire kit. Please allow for the different time zones when grabbing them. If anyone's is not posted, come bac…


I'm playing catch up here tonight but I wanted to share these with you guys. I've been given some awards by my fellow you ladies!!! What an honor to be included by you!
The first is from Shannon at Angel Wings & Things
and also by Kayde at Krazy K's Designs

The rules of the award are:
1.The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3.Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4.Put links of those blogs on yours.
5.Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you’ve nominated... So I am nominating:
1.Bittersweet Designs--
2.Sophisticated Scraps--
3.Star Studded Designs--
4.Pimp My Tags w/ Scraps!--
5.Weescotslass Creations--
6.Scraps by Liadan--
7.Scraps by Jessica--


I Love Annie Quick Pages and Freebie

Hey folks,

How do you like the new layout??? This one was made using the 'Perusing Passion' scrap kit. A little different for me, but I love it!

Before I get to the quick pages and freebie, I wanted to clue you in to what's happening on my blog this weekend. I am taking part in another blog train along with 22 other scrap designers. Everyone will be posting their kits sometime after midnight tonight and the blog train begins on Friday, August 22nd. Be sure to travel the blog train and pick up all the free goodies!

Here is a lil teaser of what my part of the kit looks This is just one of the previews....there is a lot more in my part of the kit. I'll post all of the previews

Also, there is a tag/layout contest for the members of the Tantrum Scraps forum. If you are not a member, scoot on over and sign up:

Here is the contest announcement from the owner of Tantrum Scraps:


Perusing Passion and a Freebie

Evening folks,

I've been busily creating this week to get a new kit out to you, a new kit for the blog train this weekend, and a promo kit for the Do It Digi Store. I'm almost But I did want to go ahead and release this kit to you guys tonight, before I start to work on the last project I have for this week.

This kit is called 'Perusing Passion' and is another in the Moment of Romance Series. This kit is done in passionate purples and mellow greens with ivory and gold accents. There are lots of bows, ribbons, lace, frames, and flowers to match the 18 papers. It is available in scrapper and tagger sizes to meet everyones needs.

Be sure to pick up the freebie sample below.

Kit includes:
18 Papers
8 Beaded Dangles
1 Beaded Pin
2 Beaded Swirls
1 Bead String
2 Binder Clips
8 Borders
20 Bows
8 Brads
8 Buttons
14 Flowers
1 Flower Pot
14 Frames
1 Jeweled Heart
1 Journal
2 Lace Borders
2 Pencils
18 Ribbons
2 Ribbon Clusters
4 Ribbon Frames
10 Ric Rak
2 Sachet
15 Frame/Picture Wraps


I Love Annie Kit and Freebie

Hey folks!

I've got a new kit today and this one is for the girly girls! Taking everyone back to their childhood with this one. Remember your Raggedy Anne doll?

My Annie was my favorite doll. She was 3ft tall and had a tattooed heart on her chest that said 'I Love U' in the middle of it. She was given to me by one of my favorite aunts, Aunt Inis, who we lost to cancer about 10 years ago. Awwwwww, the sweet memories of summers spent at her house.

I hope you all enjoy this kit as much as I enjoyed making it. It has 9 papers, 152 elements (including 7 different Annie's), and a matching alpha with upper and lower case letters, numbers, punctuation, and special characters.

Both taggers and scrappers is available!

Freebie is below, so keep reading.

Here is a preview layout I did with my own lil daughter ReAnna at the age of 6 months.

The elements.

The Papers.

The Alpha.

The kit includes:
9 Papers
4 Beaded Strings with Tags
8 Straight Beaded Strings
3 Borders
11 Bows
5 Bo…

Showing off some cards

Hey folks,

I wanted to show you some beautiful cards that were made by a very sweet lady using my scrap kits. Her name is Becky Jo Mentzer and hopefully she will make them available for purchase online soon so we can all buy a few from her. She sent me some of her wonderful cards in the mail the other day and the quality is just awesome.

Be sure to click on them for a better view.

I will post here when she gets her store online. So check back soon.

Also, I want to remind everyone that I do offer my kits for commercial use for a small fee. It is lifetime unlimited usage so a really good


A Lil Romance Bracket Frames

Hey folks,

I have an add-on package today to the "A Lil Romance" kit. There are 12 unique Bracket frames in todays offering. They are available in Scrapper size of 2400x2400 300dpi and Tagger size 700x700 72dpi.

Grab your set of frames here.

Have a great day!


Boots On The Ground Scrap Kits

Hey folks,

I have a new kit for you today along with a matching freebie. The kit is called "Boots On The Ground" and is a tribute to two very dear friends of mine that are in the U.S. Army,
SSgt Richard Garcia and Sgt Terry Ellis. Love you guys!

The kit is available as a mega kit in Scrapper and Tagger size OR as three mini kits in tagger size only. Be sure to select carefully so that you get the kit that you want.

Lots of previews so that you can see the details of the kit and I have even tagged the kits to give you some ideas of what you can do with it.





18 Papers
3 Air Force Patches
3 Army Patches
3 Navy Patches
3 Marines Patches
3 Camo Angels
3 Binder Clips
3 Pair of Boots
3 Bows
3 Butterflies
12 Buttons
3 Dog Tags
3 Dog Tag Frames
3 Sets of Dog Tags on Chain
6 Flowers
6 Folded Ribbons
6 Frames
3 Hearts
3 Journals
3 Pockets
3 Scalloped Camo Frames
3 Square Camo Frames
3 Stars
3 String Bows
3 Tags
3 Frame/picture wraps

Grab your k…

Elvis Week 2008 Freebie Kit

Hey, Hey folks it's Elvis week at Graceland so I have an Elvis goodie for you today! Needless to say I'm a huge Elvis fan......lmao! So to celebrate Elvis I've got a free mini kit for you. There are two stipulations with this kit: First, absolute personal use only. Nothing from this kit with Elvis' image can be made to gain a no business use, cards, etc... And second, that you give proper credit to Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. on all layouts and tags you make with this kit. Elvis Presley Enterprises owns the copyrights on all images of Elvis Presley and allow us to use them for fan purposes as long as credit is given. I have included a copyright logo in the kit to make it easy for you.

With that said on to the kit....

The kit contains 6 papers, 3 bead strings, 4 bows, 1 film reel, 2 filmstrip frames,
2 flowers, 3 heart ribbons, 1 journal, 1 movie clapboard, 3 ribbons, 1 rose,
1 star marquee, 1 tag, and 1 torn paper.

If you would like this kit, ple…